Thursday, July 24, 2008

Almost found muse..................Love Squared

This morning I had a few errands to run so I took off early to beat the heat. After grocery shopping (yuck), I stopped at Barnes&Noble and guess who I caught a glimpse of by the magazines? Yes!!! My muse!! She darted off as I approached her, and trust me, she will be in trouble for that. I think she may return tonight,fingers crossed. I'm sure she caught my evil eye directed toward her, at least I hope she did, and it wasn't the reason for that little boy to start crying???? (just kidding)

Anyway....she did direct me to the ONE SINGLE issue of Art Doll magazine left on the shelf. As I tried to contain myself and not knock over the little lady standing right in front of it, I excused myself, and gently grabbed it as if it were the last piece of chocolate on earth. My excitement grew as I hurriedly flipped the pages searching out Love Squared. There she was on page 50,51,52,& 53, in all her glory and wonderment.

Oh Monica, they did a beautiful job photographing her. The detail is just wonderful, colorful, and uplifting. The article is all it should be and more. Sharing a few of the artists stories and the special items donated by Grace Danel,Kat West, Alma Stoller, Donna O'brien, Fiona Kearns, Mike Meloy,& Jodi Barone.

The anticipation builds as August 1st arrives, which is the start of the donations,and ending on Oct 15th since October is breast cancer awareness month. If you don't know about this project yet, go check it out, and help any way you can. There are many options,even to help spread the word. There will be an article in the CQMagonline upcoming issue (very soon) as well.

Monica, well done! Contributors, huge hugs to you all for stepping up and supporting Monica and all of us to fight this horrid disease.

Oh yes........I also found the new issue of Artful new fav!!! What was inside but a letter from the editor speaking of Monica and Love Squared. :-) Kewl!
With these two beautiful inspiring magazines, and newly dyed silk ribbon, I know my muse must be headed home. I don't think I will yell at her, everyone needs a break, and the poor thing does a lot of overtime!
Have a great day everyone...I'm off to the hammock in the garden with water,magazines, and angell!


  1. least you were polite and the lady is still standing!!! LOL! ;-) If it was the last copy...I don't know how gentle I'd be!

    Isn't it wonderful Pat!!! The photographs are wonderful and the article is beautifully written!!!

    I received my copy last weekend and have been singing and dancing all by myself...and just waiting for somebody else to get a copy!!! It is so exciting! You are the first shout out across the country that I could hear! ;-)

    I will have to get my hands on Artful Blogger too! I hope your muse is back!

    Hugs friend,

    ~Lisa ;-)

  2. Good Morning!

    I, too, went to Barnes & Noble; however, there were TWO issues on the shelf. I didn't see the Artful Blogging magazine! Will have to go back later today [no big deal as my youngest son works at Pet Supplies Plus].

    I was so excited! I felt a cross between chills and tears. I've been carrying the magazine around & showing anybody who will look. you know, like a Grandmother's Brag Book ... LOL

    Enjoy the day : )


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