Sunday, June 22, 2008

Weekend ramblings

Yesterday was the first day of Summer and I spent the morning digging out an expired Lavender plant. I was sad to have to remove it, but there just wasn't any life showing at all. I hoped it was just late,but no such luck. The other plants already have buds.
It was a huge Lavender "bush". I hope whatever killed it doesn't attack the others planted around there. In it's place I planted a few perennials for Summer color.
During the digging I discovered this sweet little nest with four ice cold eggs. It is very small and fits in the palm of my hand.
It was abandoned otherwise I would never have touched it. Apparently the bird who built the nest thought the Lavender plant was a bush. She must have been killed or perhaps knew the eggs wouldn't hatch. As you can see, one egg has a hole in it and it is hollow. Strange. I will add the hollow egg and nest to my collection because I hate to see such work destroyed by rain and animals.

While watering the garden yesterday I discovered my "exotic"Iris in bloom.

These Iris came from our first home. In person the coloring is very intense. I first discovered them while taking my son on a picnic in the woods by the pond.That was 20 years ago...WOW! Time does fly. We owned 20 acres and along the very back of our property was a huge pond where wildlife thrived.We would watch wild ducks,turtles,and we even caught a glimpse of a woodchuck . There was a large mossy area right next to the pond where we would picnic. That was also the only spot where the sun would shine because of the dense tree tops.It was magical and the perfect place to take a two /three year old to tell stories. I'm sure my son doesn't remember it at all. Unfortunately I did not take pictures like I do now.I had a special place similar when I was a girl. Luckily I do have memories and often daydream about my adventures.

The guys spent the afternoon wiring the barn for alarms,lights,and cameras. We are ready for future trespassers. Bring it on!

Well, I think I will head back into the garden to stake a few Globe Thistle plants before they get too heavy and start leaning on the Purple Coneflower. They have such a pretty periwinkle bloom. They are already 5 foot high which seems pretty tall for June. With all the rain we have had this Spring,everything seems to be growing much larger than usual.

I hope you all have a beautiful day and absorb natures beauty wherever you find it.


  1. Hi Pat, Great photos! Isn't it fun to have all different kinds of flowers? Right out the windown near our computer I can sometimes see "our" hummingbird and have been watching a foxglove bloom. (First the newly opening blooms are creme-colored; then they turn pink!) The birds have comendeered our water feature and are using it as their spa, splashing and splashing as they clean their to see!

  2. Hi Judy. Yes, it is like receiving gifts daily.My studio looks over my garden on two sides and I feel like I am in a tree house when I daydream at my desk.I love the view from up here,but also down on my knees observing insects and tiny mushrooms growing under the fern. One day I may spy a fairy!

  3. I'm glad you found the nest and were able to add this to your collection. Isn't it amazing how creative and beautiful they are!

    Your iris is gorgeous! How wonderful that it has survived all these years and still is with you! I have many plants in my yard that hold many memories! ;-)

  4. P.S. Oh, I meant to add, yeah on the barn being wired!!! To only catch them!!! My fingers are crossed!


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