Thursday, June 12, 2008

Mermaid pages finished

I think I am finished with the pages. After a final look over tomorrow I will add eyelets and lace up the side then add tassel ,fibers and trinkets.

I applied a sheer fabric over my mermaid scene because it was heavily embellished and being the last page, I didn't want anything lost. Her hair is made from the tiny micro bugle beads. I am blind!!!!!!
Another reason I added the sheer is because I think it looks like she is underwater. You can see through it much better in person of course.
The velvet tail received a dyed lace overlay to match the dark velvet better than the roving.These are one side of the pages....
These are the other sides.
All of the pages stacked and ready to bind.
Laney just gave me this tassel yesterday and it matches the cover page perfectly. I have to bring out the box of fibers to choose some better colors,but the metal three tier earring will definitely make the cut. I've been wanting to use that for years.

I am ready for a cup of tea and a swing on the porch with the Victoria magazine that arrived this afternoon...time to relax. See you soon.


  1. Wow, Pat, I sure wish it was possible to see this in person. Those pages just ask to be touched!
    You have created a real work of art!

  2. Gosh, these take my breath away Pat! The texture, the colors... I just want to flip through the tails and pour over every detail. Like Judy said, I'd love to see these in person... wow!!!

    I keep blinking my eyes to be sure I'm seeing the whole picture. Your work is gorgeous! xo, Monica :)

  3. Wow, Wow, Wow! These pages look fantastic. I wish I could see it up close. You just keep suprising me with your beautiful work.

  4. This project is absolutely stunning, Pat. Exquisitely done!

    Kathy V in NM

  5. The book came out beautiful. You work so fast! It's lovely to look at the progress.
    I will start with a seasons book, don't have time right now, we have many summer guests!

  6. I am completely blown away by this! What a mind you have to come up all of these ideas. The book looks unbelievably fabulous.

  7. Pat, the book is just beautiful! The color, the texture, the details are just amazing...I love everything about it. You did a beautiful job! What a fun project! Are you doing this for yourself or are you in a group to do these books?

    I tagged you on my blog and I hope you would consider doing it, but PLEASE don't feel any pressure to do so! I know you could keep the fire burning!

    Hugs from Oregon...Lisa ;-)

  8. This is over the top, totally awesome, jaw dropping sight to see! shake my head and go devour again!

  9. This is absolutely gorgeous. Now you've gone and done it!! You've given me inspiration to start another project. Just what I need!! LOL
    Thank you for showing us all your work

  10. Freda Butler4:08 PM CDT

    Pat I have been watching you create this book and it is absolutely amazing. What a wonderful artistic and imaginitive flair you have.

    I also would love to see it in person. We will have to send you on a cross country tour.



  11. Stunning work. I cannot believe how quickly you finished this project. AMAZING!

    My ideas of what a 'book' is are forever changed. Thanks!


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