Sunday, June 15, 2008

Making closure for book

The Mermaid Book is officially finished! I just worked on closures for this unusually shaped book. I had to make sure the top and bottom was secure so I decided to use shell buttons and a fiber to wrap around them. I used four buttons and started at the bottom back of book. I painted a turtle shaped bone button and two carved shell buttons.
The First button is turquoise and blends with book.I attached the leaf shaped shell button to the back of book making sure the turquoise fiber was securely sewn down.
I then added the bone turtle to the front bottom and wrapped the fiber.

Then around to the back of book I attached a rectangular shaped pearl piece and ......

.....on the front I added a carved shell button(turquoise) and another carved bone piece(purple)to the end of the turquoise fiber to finish.

This adds a bit more embellishing, but hey, that's all good right? It allows the book to be closed and not hanging open on either end. I decided against a lot of fibers for the side and choose the tassel from Laney,the old earring,wire wrapped beads, a small glass bottle filled with tiny sea shells,and a few shells on a suede cord. I am now finished......!!!!!!!

Someone asked the measures 19" from bottom fin to top of tail or 11" tail only and is 6" at widest point.(Mermaid's don't get away with narrow hips's only fair!)

I want to thank you all who commented and sent emails during the making of this book. I am so glad you enjoyed it and it was inspiring. I really enjoyed it and now I'm thinking up something new.......
I hope everyone is enjoying their father and hubby on this Father's Day!


  1. Hi Pat - well done on finishing this so quickly. It is beautiful - i really like the mermaid tail shape and theme. (i am still embroidering the 3rd motif for my book - its slow going)

  2. Congratulations, this is a beautiful and most unusual book. I have enjoyed the process very much.

  3. She's lovely, Pat! A fabulous book!

  4. I can't believe how quickly you work. I find that the planning for anything like this takes so much time, much more than the actual 'doing' in many cases. But this so elaborate, I would expect the planning and the doing to take much more time. It's one fabulous finish!

  5. It is just fantastic Pat, and I enjoyed seeing the process from beginning to end. I love the finish!

  6. It is so beautiful and magical Pat! What a book to cherish and what a heirloom it will be!

    Thank you for sharing the journey with us all!

    ~Lisa ;-)

  7. Looks great Pat!!! I love to trade the rancoon though! :-)

  8. Love your fabric book. I don't know where your thoughts come from but all I can say keep them flowing.

  9. Anonymous1:54 PM CDT

    Pat, a very cool book. Where can I see it completed?
    aloha Lilla


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