Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The hurrider I go the behinder I get!!!!

The hurrier I go, the behinder I get........I don't remember where or when I heard this saying,but it rings true these days. Just when you think you are caught up and breezing along life happens. Where do I start? I guess the beginning is good. Saturday I received a call from a local newspaper. It seems the journalist was reading Belle Armoire at the library and saw someone from Chesterton had work published in the magazine. Somehow she tracked me down and asked for an interview. At first I thought it was a friend playing a joke, actually up until she arrived yesterday I was trying to imagine who it was. It was a real journalist,not a prank.

We sat in the studio during the interview and as she asked questions I realized how involved I was with CQ. I never realized what a huge part of my life was woven around this art.I had the publications sharing my work and at that moment I didn't recognize myself. I decided I must have multiple personalities. Did I do that?

The journalist happens to be a jewelry artist and is affiliated with the Art Gallery in town. She asked me to offer classes. She wants to be a student and learn CQ. She was amazed at the detail of the purses and small projects I shared and said something I already knew. People have no idea what CQ is and how extraordinary it can be. She said there are painters,weavers,clay and glass artists,but nothing such as this and pleaded with me to offer classes.

First of all I was in shock that she was really interviewing moi, secondly, I was being offered to teach with the big guys,the Artists. That is scary when you don't see yourself that way. Not that teaching at guilds or small groups is any less of an honor,but at an Art Center? Yikes! Why oh why wasn't I blessed with self confidence???????????I agreed to think about it and plan different classes in steps. Otherwise CQ can be too overwhelming. So many applications to learn and explore.

So, I have a lot to ponder. I would love to get an interest in CQ and form a local CQ group. That is a dream of mine. This may be the opened door I have been waiting for.....what to do........

As the day wore on I went to check the mail and found this little creature in the middle of the road. I swooped him up and put him in a basket until my DH came home. He is at the age where he doesn't know I am a human and he is a raccoon and is cuddly. Isn't he/She adorable? I used a dropper to give it water and it sucked on a grape before it fell asleep on my shoulder just purring away. I wanted so badly to keep it but I knew from previous experiences that they always get a little aggressive as they age and very destructive so DH took it to a guy who rescues them. The same guy who took the family from last years fallen tree. That was best although I sure missed the little guy. Angell on the other hand was happy to see him go. No sharing her mom!!!!

When DH did arrive home(before meeting the raccoon) he was fuming. Apparently someone had a little artistic experience of their own the night before using our barn as their canvas. Isn't this lovely?
I would love to know what goes through ones mind when they decide it is alright to vandalize someone's property? Do they think we wouldn't mind displaying their art? Perhaps we should pay them for their talent and time? The sheriff came out to document this matter and DH went to buy a night camera,light, alarm for the back of the barn. I was just thankful there was no damage to his new black truck(great paint canvas) or the pool. I do hope they return soon. I would love to frame their photo for them.:-)

That was my day yesterday, along with trying not to scratch an awful looking spider bite. What can I say? The ups and downs of life!
I hope your day is as sunny as mine. I'm off to catch up on being tagged....................then get something in the works for the Oct show.....and think about the Art Gallery.....then........


  1. What a cute racoon, much nicer creatures (even when they grow up) than the &^**^ that graffited your shed. congrats on the interview and classes - you must be chuffed!

  2. Congratulations Pat! I'm so glad to hear that the CQ world is spreading to more and more people. Whenever I show off my work everyone is amazed because they just don't know what CQ really is all about. Thank you for spreading the word!

    Now do you think I can persuade you to come to Louisville to teach a class?

  3. Pat: Go for it! I stuck my neck out and started teaching classes in this area a few years back. Eventually my students were asking me to form a monthly stitching group. A local CQ group is a wonderful thing. Ours is growing so much now that soon meeting in members homes will be a thing of the past.

  4. Congrats!

    We have about ten raccoons (all named) that visit our yard daily. I've seen no babies yet though. Yours is adorable. Just remember that they are wild and the adults can move faster than you think. We have one that is so bold that he knocks on the door for treats. Another strikes cute poses for his and yes he expects a treat for his cute antics.

    How scary that your barn has been tagged.

  5. Firstly Pat, congrats on the interview, and teaching classes would be wonderful. You are a wonderful ambassador for CQ.

    Secondly, the graffiti (we call it "tagging" in NZ), paint it off as quick as you can, and my advice, buy a paintball gun, and do a little art of your own on someone a**. See them explain that to their parents. Although it does involve sitting up all night and waiting...

  6. Congratulations, Pat. I think you would do an excellent job at teaching classes.
    Shame about the "graffiti". We had a similar incident several years ago. They wrote all over the neighbors outbuilding, which is right across the road from us, did up a number of mailboxes including ours and slashed two tires on my truck. Turned out to be 3 teenage girls from down the road. The parents weren't too happy because they had to pay for 4 tires for my truck and they weren't cheap!
    I like Jo's idea about the paintball gun. :-b

  7. Wowsers!!! so much happening ,You will be a fantastic teacher ,you are so talented wish I lived close by ,I would love to join your class.
    O that baby raccoon is so sweet bet you wanted to keep it .
    I'm sure you are so angry at the idiots who vandalized your lovely barn.
    I'm always visiting your blog I just don't always leave a message.
    I'm so happy for you you deserve it
    love from sesga xx

  8. Pat,

    You are an Artist!!! You have been teaching and you are very talented! What better thing to do but share what you love and do best! I think this is the door you have been waiting for...a chance to make one of those dreams come true! Do it Pat! You can always change your mind and stop doing it if you find it isn't for you, but the opportunity is knocking at your door and that doesn't happen often!!! Think of all the possibilities this could bring your way! ;-)

    The raccoon is darling! It was good of you to keep him out of harms way!

    I am so sorry about the barn! I don't blame your husband...mine would be fuming too! What is wrong with people??!!! I, too, hope they return and that you get to frame their photo for them!!! THAT would be so satisfying and hand delivering it directly to the Police Station!!!

    Hugs to you...

    ~Lisa ;-)


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