Saturday, June 28, 2008

Getting started on a CHARMING project

I received a thumbs up on the tiny CQ charms(Thanks ladies) so I put some together this morning before going out to float a while. I certainly can't do any gardening in this heat so I took advantage of the sun.

The little fairies look blurred in my photos, but they aren't. I wouldn't have used them if they were. I think it was the flash that washed them out. These are a tiny bit larger than 1 inch so I can hang on to them while embellishing. They will be smaller when finished. I figure if I start this project now and think of something *brilliant* down the road, I can always mix this and that.

Now that I have these little things ready to embellish I will head downstairs to spend time with DH as he watches TV. Does being in the same room count for quality time together ????

Well~~~~~~~~~~petite and micro beads are lined up~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Metallic threads for a bit of sparkle~~~~~~~~~~~~~~2mm silk ribbon gathered~~~~~~~~~~~tiny vintage laces ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ a few tiny sequins~~~~~~~~~~~~~~my little pink box of mini charms~~~~~~~~

I'm off~~~~~~~~~~~

to have some~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~



  1. Anonymous6:17 PM CDT

    How beautiful--looks like fun. You are on a roll-I know you stitch on these little things but I don't know how-I need stronger glasses--Have fun---Hugs Leslie Kenreich

  2. These are precious!
    I really do admire your tray set up!
    You will be spending *quality time* with your hubby!
    TV does count.
    But only if you let *him* be the one to talk first.

  3. Where'd you find these cute little fairies, Pat?

  4. Yes'm. Crafting while hangin' out with hubbies is quality time. We can still chat and listen. ;-)

    I think our hubbies are pretty proud of our endeavors, Pat. :-) As we are of them!


  5. Way cool...I love how small they are!

  6. Pat, these are too precious, your work is just so lovely. Where do you find tiny laces? Hugs Lisa

  7. Pat ~ You are a busy one aren't you? Creating all of these fabulous things ~ very beautiful my friend!


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