Sunday, June 08, 2008

Fins coming along swimmingly.....(so sorry about that)

It is raining cats and dogs so I figured I should work on the mermaid book. I am in the process of making fins. Ten fins to be exact. I want each one to be different,so I am building bases for each from sheer fabrics,laces,dyed vintage doily piece,painted dryer sheets (I discovered a new way of using them to alter and blend fabrics),gauze,Organza,dyed silk burn out,etc.

I am not finished with any of them , but here is the progress so far, just so you all don't think I am sitting here with the bon bon box open. Who me??????????? Don't look too closely,remember this is just the beginning.

The first is a vintage doily from a friend which I dyed~~~~~~~~
This one is dyed cheesecloth with bits of painted dryer sheet~~~~~~~
This is hand painted lace~~~~~~~~~~

This one is dyed silk burn out~~~~~~~~~
This is three layers of silk burn out,silk and crepe something or other~~~~~~~~~

This fin looks like a fish fin ,but the fabric is a green metal thread or something,pretty. I will add fibers and more sheers,then a few beads tossed around.
This one is a sparkle Organza with snippets of different colored Organza and painted dryer sheets. (It looks a lot better in person)~~~~~~~
This is two layers of another painted lace~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
This one is the burn out silk with felted roving on top~~~~~~~~~~~~

The last fin is made of three layers of silk with the burn out on the bottom layer.

I really like the look of all of these tails together. I can't wait to finish so I can see what it looks like ;-}

I am off to work a bit longer on them. My fingers are itching to continue. Until next time........


  1. Oh so very lovely...what fun! Can't wait to see how this progresses. BTW, I always thought chocolate bon-bons got the creativity flowing...

  2. Ohmygosh, this is an amazing assortment of fabric and fins!

    Kathy V in NM

  3. What a mind you have to think of so many variations on the mermaid theme. This is going to be quite a masterpiece when you finish.

  4. These fins are wonderful! They will be very pretty and shiny. I love all the different fabrics you chose. It will be a beautiful mermaid book! I look forward to seeing more.


  5. Love all the variations on the tails! This is going to be an awesome book!


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