Thursday, June 26, 2008

CHARMing play & exciting day of news

Since I have never made charms before, I thought I would experiment to see what would be best to make for the Think Pink Charm Exchange. I brought out my miniatures and just couldn't get any ideas working so I decided to play with a 1"x1" CQ enclosed between two pieces of glass. I used micro petite beads for the little buttons, and petite beads to embellish stitches. The 2mm silk ribbon roses look huge.

I cut a microscope slide into thirds instead of searching for that size online. It was easier than I thought.Now to solder and add something fun to it. I'm not sure if this will be my charm idea,but it was something to do because it is terribly humid outside.

I also have some fun news to share.I just received my new issue of Belle Armoire and My Oriental tote is featured on page 70 . Thanks Teri for the heads up!

Also, the journalist who interviewed me last week phoned to say the article was published. She did a very nice job. She was very thorough. I went out a grabbed a few copies.
On a floral note, my tiny baby pink fairy roses are blooming. I will get a picture when they are in full bloom. The purple coneflower should be popping open any day now along with the Globe thistle. Before you know it the Day lilies will be in bloom. The days just seem to fly by.

I hope it is much cooler where you are. It is sweltering here. Have a great evening. I'm off to make my guys a cherry cheesecake. No really, it is for the guys........really. :-0


  1. Wow Pat, congratulations with the article !
    Now I can say I know a 'famous'
    cq-er ;)

  2. Thank you Ati. I am far from famous though,LOL. I live in a small town of only 11,000 people. I don't want fame,just more people to join me in crazy quilting :-) I hope to form a CQ guild someday soon. While I can still thread a needle.

  3. Pat, congratulations on being in one of the most beautiful magazines on the market! It's just where your beautiful work should be featured.

  4. Anonymous4:09 PM CDT

    Congradulations Pat. And I love your small charm-I still don't know how you stitch that small. Hugs Leslie Kenreich

  5. That charm is exquisite!

    Kathy V in NM

  6. Absolutely fabulous!
    And I am not just saying that Pat.
    If you do not enter a set of these in for the swap, but feel like sharing them privately, I would love to exchange charms with you.
    This is a tiny cozy crazy quilt! *Smiles*
    Not just an ordinary crazy quilt!
    May I post it to the THINK PINK blog to help inspire others?
    I know that I feel inspired just looking at it!
    Amber Dawn

  7. YAY!

    I can't wait to flip through the pages and FIND you!

    LOVE what you are cooking up for the pink exchange... I'm working on my itty bits this weekend. I also felt LOST and had to pull out all my findings and just PLAY.

    But you don't look LOST!!!

    No, it seems you have definitely found your way! :)

    Pat, congrats on the spread, publications...

    stop by, let's dance!

    xo, Monica :)

  8. Congratulations Pat! Love the charm, can't wait to see the Magazine article and would love to read the newspaper article!

  9. Woohoo! Congratulations on all fronts!

  10. Pat, I went in to B&N today just to check out the magazine!
    VERY pretty.
    My husband admired your purse and says that you are very good.
    (*Smiles*... He does not give compliments lightly, especially with stitched work.)

    Amber Dawn


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