Friday, June 06, 2008

Celebrating 3 years of blogging June 15th

To celebrate my third year of blogging on June 15th,I want to offer a giveaway. Just leave a comment about how long you have been blogging, and a link to your blog and I will have my son draw a name on the 16th from a garden hat for a sweet Lavender filled Inner Child doll which will be purple, of course! Since this is based on a blogging anniversary, you must have a blog to win. Sorry, it just makes sense.
The blogging community has been such a positive experience for me. I have met such great friends and shared so much of my creative and daily life, and yet, you are still here,LOL!

The Comfort Doll blog experience is something that I am still amazed by it's success, and I will never forget which I am so happy to say it is still going strong and soon to be a year old.

Bloggers are so creative,kind, and generous. I don't know what I did before blogging. It is a pleasant place to be when you want to share, or just "visit" your friends.
I love how easy it is to visit new blogs from the sidebar links you all offer.

Anyway, just leave a message and you are in the drawing.I will post the Inner child doll as soon as she is done...her name it Patty !!! Have a great day of blogging!


  1. Good morning, Pat:

    Congratulations on your 3 year blogging anniversary. That's FABULOUS!

    I started with an AOL Journal in July 2005 and moved to in October 2005 and, well let's just say I have a few blogs! LOL LOL LOL Do I qualify? LOL LOL LOL

    Congratulations, again, and happy blogging! Have a great weekend.


  2. I love your blog and congratulations on the upcoming anniversary!!

    I started my blog last winter at the prodding of my good friend Bonnie in TX. She is an avid blogger and kept after me until I started my own. I don't post as regular as some do but I read several blog entries a day. I may not always reply but I love the reading part. It helps you to know more about a person.

    Please put my name in for the doll! I would love to add her to my recent growing collection!

  3. I enjoy your blog and your creativity and I am so glad I found my way to the blogging community.

    I started blogging in April 2006, just a few months before the birth of my son. Those first few months of learning to live with a little one, my blog was a outlet for me to share my creativity and find inspiration from the many wonderful fiber art bloggers out there in cyberspace.

  4. It's really been fun reading your blog, Pat, and watching your creations take shape. Plus, I found someone else who likes to look for sea lilies!

    I've not been blogging for a year yet, but Susan of Desertsky Quilting helped me get started, and I've found it very enjoyable. And it impressed my son's friend that someone "my age" could actually post something on their blog!

  5. I started blogging March, 2006. Can't believe this much time has gone by. I'd sure love that cute little fairy to come to my house (Madeline is lonesome and needs someone to play with).

  6. hi pat
    congrats on your three years of blogging!! i am so glad that i found your blog-it feels like home :)
    i think i started blogging last fall?? so i am still a newbie :)
    my blog needs tending very badly-just like my garden
    enjoy your day

  7. Congratulations on your blog-anniversary. I enjoy all the creative projects you have going all the time!!

    I started blogging (30May2005)via xanga per my daughter's lead ... I wanted to keep track of the books I was reading & found MULTIPLE reading rings on xanga.

    As time went on, focus changed to needlework & a new blog via blogger (29June2005) -- and second blog for non-needlework (16Sep2006) -- dolls, books, beading, flowers, children, etc.

    My goal now is to get weeds out of my flower beds (LOL), get some entries into the Porter Co fair & then try my hand at comfort dolls AND projects of my own creation.

    I think I will continue stitching the historic/reproduction samplers as it is a luv of mine; however, I think I'm ready try my hand at original pieces!!

  8. Congratulations on your third year Pat....your blog is an inspiration. It's full of warmth and love that can be felt by your words and your art.
    I've only been blogging since Dec. 07 but it feels longer. I have met so many wonderful people through my blog and through other blogs as well.
    May you experience many more years of blogging!

  9. Congratulations Pat on your 3rd year blogging anniversary. That must make you one of the earlier adopters in the Crazy Quilting world. My blog has been active since September of 2007, so I am still a newbie when it comes to blogging. I have never made a little doll before, so please add my name to your drawing. You can find me at:

  10. 3 years.... how awesome! I so want my name in your drawing for your giveaway! and your covered candy mint is amazing!!!!! Just amazing!

  11. Me too, me too! I just had my first "blogiversary" at the end of April. I wanted to do a give-away but just didn't have the energy to pull it off.

    I didn't know you could order business cards from flickr. I'll have to look into that. I don't need them very often but it would be fun to have some pretty ones available.


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