Friday, June 13, 2008

Captured magic in the garden

It rained most of the night so I went to check out the weeds and I captured magic this morning flitting around my garden. I ran inside to get my camera and was happy to see several Damselflies still hovering the flowers. As I would move, they moved with me as if to pose. All of them had teal bodies except one which was brown.
There are two here,can you see them? I then checked the Petunias..they are looking good after days of rain...........then saw I had one poppy left so I captured a spider posing inside.Click on it to enlarge. It is a Grandaddy Longlegs.
I was amazed at all of the Campanula's open. WOW! I just had to snap a pic of the center. I love these flowers and last year I had a challenge for someone to recreate them in silk ribbon. Atti Ham Sas took the challenge and did a beautiful job.
I see the Rose Campion is just starting to bloom. They last about 6 to 8 weeks,another favorite.The blue green fuzzy foliage is the main reason I planted them years ago. The bright bloom is a bonus.

Grandma's Giant Blue Hosta is about to bloom. The leaves are huge and I love the texture. The only problem as you can see, is they capture every fallen bloom in the base of the leaf and I have to hose them off each day.

I had to snap this freshly opened Calla Lilly to show it's true color before it fades. Yum!
And then there is the Golden Loose strife which I can't seem to control near the end of summer.

This little fella blooms every year by the Naked Ladies...aka August Lillie's. I didn't plant it, but it sure is hardy. It reminds me of an Alium.

Of course I had to take a pic of the gets jealous and has such low self esteem.:-) Yes, those are my toes,and no, I'm not barefoot. I do have sandals on.

I love the Periwinkle Spiderwort or "slime grass" as we call it. It opens all day and closes at night. I have it planted down in my little beach area.

I found my Clematis hidden beneath the plants along my porch. I really need to get him on a trellis. Poor thing.

I thought this was a nice shot of the flower which I cannot has purple leaves....darn,I can't remember at all.Sorry.
As I was about to close the door,I heard a familiar noise. I managed to get a pic of the little devil that teases Angell throughout the day,the ground squirrel.They make the cutest shrilly chatter as they run which gets her going. My garden is loaded with them and they live under the decks.

Well, that was my morning walk around the garden and yard. Tomorrow I must move some fern...again. They are 5 feet 6 inches tall and not finished growing so you can imagine how wide they open, blocking my path.
Who knew I would be photographing flowers this morning. All because of the beautiful Damselflies. Hope you enjoyed the time I'll serve tea.


  1. Freda butler4:05 PM CDT

    I really enjoyed your garden walk. Aren't we lucky to live in a world with all these beautiful flowers. I too have the pesky squirrels,chipmunks. racoons, etc. and would not want to see what is living under our deck. I think we have another little world down there. They might even be organized and have a Mayor - hope they don't vote to bring the Olympics into our garden. Chicago humour.



  2. Pat, your garden is wonderful! I am especially impressed by the beautiful pink calla lily; I've killed off a couple of them...for some reason, they hate our yard. Check out my blog to see our surprise visitors this morning as I was trying to read yours....lost my concentration, that's for sure!

  3. Loved your garden walk. You have pretty flowers. And the Damselflies posed perfectly for you.

  4. My gosh, those are the largest Hosta leaves I have ever seen. THey are just HUGE! What variety are they???

    The rest of the garden photos are beautiful. Such a wonderful variety of colors, flowers, and textures.

    Also and totally off topic....I noticed that your blog address on stitchinfingers goes to a different "gatherings" blog.


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