Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Beach day and Mermaid book progress

Yesterday we took off early to the beach so we would beat the humidity. There was a gentle cool breeze blowing off the lake and it made for a pleasant walk. We found a very weird looking chubby fish which we could not identify. Mom kept poking at it with her cane saying it was a rubber dog toy so I got the courage to touch it, and sure enough, it was real!!! Yuck! Thank goodness I just put a box of antibacterial wipes in my car.

I found a little glass,no blue ones, a few broken shells,and one crinoid. I hope to find a use for the broken shells one day. They are so pretty, and it is like finding pearls.

I worked a little more on my mermaid book. I have three sets sewn together and two to go . The fun part is letting this project take me wherever it wants . As most of my projects, the piece pretty much takes on a life of it's own and flows together with no set plan other than the shape and theme.

These are the first and second page...before the story begins. An intro to the mermaid's world.
These are pages three and four.The story begins.....she is happy in her mystical water world,who wouldn't be?
A close up of my version of a jellyfish.
Page five . Like most of us at one time or another,no matter how content we are, we dream of another world,another life.........she is no different. She dreams of having legs like a graceful ballerina dancing on her toes, swirling as light as air.

Ok...back to the construction. Stay tuned...I'm almost finished.


  1. Another sea lily, yeah! Hearing the weather reports from Indiana has made me wonder how you've been...sounds like your area has escaped the bad storms? It was only 46 degrees here when we got up; you can almost see our flowers shivering!

    Your mermaid book is fabulous! What fun! How do you do the words? Do you print a whole sheet of sayings or what? Can't wait to see the finished product!

  2. Pat - Your book is looking fabulous. I loved all the tails yesterday but couldnt leave a comment.

  3. Oh Pat, these pages are lovely! What a wonderful idea. Your handwork is beautiful, as always. Can't wait to see the finished book.

    Regarding your shell finds...we collected some on our recent trip and my husband is going to attempt to carve some beads for me from the thickest part. With the broken shells we are going to try this...you could maybe use them as is or crack them (hammer) into smaller pieces and drill a tiny hole through them and use them as beads in your work! If the outside edges were a little sharp you could try rubbing with a soft emery board. It would be fun to try and make your own special beads! ~wink~ This mermaid book seems the perfect spot for one or more of those beautiful pearly looking shells! ;-)


    P.S. If it works you and your mom will be taking a lot more walks!!!


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