Saturday, June 07, 2008

Another sweltering day....Vogue trip....finished tiny project

We had our third day of humid and hot weather so I spent my time cruising around with my friend Laney. We took a trip to Lansing,IL and stopped at Vogue Fabrics. I found a few Dupioni's and some bright sheers to add to my stash. I also picked a pretty purple trim for my new purse in the making,and a 10 yard roll of lace that resembles tatting.The air conditioner in Vogue wasn't working so I was happy when Laney put the top down and we rode home with our hair blowing in the wind. For a short while we were Thelma and Louise :-)

DH wasn't home so I turned on the air in the studio,plopped Angell on her blanket as I worked because she missed me and needed my attention for a few minutes, then I started a little project.
As you can see, Angell wanted to help. I didn't pose her feet, she did that herself,which is why I took the photo. She just had to touch the beautiful Dupioni!!!! Like daughter I guess.

I ordered little business cards from Flickr. They are so much nicer than I had expected. I thought I should make a special case for them. I always save little mint and gum tins for future projects, and the little mint container fits 25 cards perfectly.

I felted a small bit of fabric,then I crazy pieced another. I embellished the CQ piece and wrapped it around the tin then added the felted top and bottom. I think I will poke a hole in the sides and string a cord through it so it can do double duty....a necklace and a business card holder. I always have to fumble in my purse for a card when asked. This will be fun to wear, and I think I may have to make a few others in various colors.

I'm going to work a bit more on my mermaid book tomorrow,but now I am ready for bed. Have a great Sunday!


  1. Hi Pat!
    I just love the little tin with the CQ. So cute and useful! What a clever girl your are. Please show a picture of the felted top. :+}

  2. Nicely done. You have been a busy girl.

  3. Your doggy is so cute the way she put her paws on the lovely fabric. She just wanted to be a part of the action. How cute. That purple trim with the sequins is just exquisite!

  4. What a darling furbaby you have. She's just precious!

    The card holder is way cool. I'm actually surprised by the cards. They're really nice, especially with your works on the backs.

    What size are they? They don't look like your 'standard' business card.

    BTW....thanks for stopping by and commenting. It will be a nice piece when it's done.

  5. Pat love your Moo cards! I like how you covered the tin...very beautiful!


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