Saturday, May 17, 2008

Tea is on Sesga!

Sesga...where are you?????? The tea is on and whistling!!!! :-) Wouldn't that be nice to just visit who we want,when we want? How lovely that would be to look up from watering and see a friend walk through your garden gate. Ahhhhhhhh!

Today I moved some fern before they got too large,spread two loads of mulch, stained my Adirondack chairs, and wandered the garden picking Bishop's weed before it takes over.
Last night mom stopped by to see the bug lights and garden at night.She wanted to see what was making me so tired at night. It's called physical labor in the garden!!!!
I finally broke down and bought a few sets of solar garden lights. I LOVE THEM!!!!!! It was unbelievable setting out there last night sipping on wine and laughing my head off with my mother with small lights strung in the trees and the paths lit with the solar lights.
A huge fat raccoon came walking through the back garden arch and mom let out a squeal. She thought it was a dog at first. I chased it away and I think the wine kicked in because we laughed until our cheeks hurt. Then we joked about the idea of her being pulled over by a cop on her way home for drinking and driving at age 77. It was just too funny.

While I was staining the chairs, I spotted one of our baby fox kits making his way back to the barn. Isn't he cute? The image isn't great because I couldn't see the darn camera functions in he sun. That is the only thing I dislike about digital camera. Argh! Plus, he was always walking and wouldn't sit still. He still has his baby fluffy fur. So cute!

I am going to get cleaned up, it was a great day and I am tired. Sweet dreams everyone!


  1. WHat a fabulous back yard you have! You are very fortunate.

  2. Ever since you posted that picture of your chairs, I have thought that was a wonderful place to come and enjoy the beauty of life!

  3. Anonymous5:25 PM CDT

    Love the pic of the fox kit! We had a den in the neighborhood until the developers hit- I used to see the moma fox at night, and hear the kits in the early morning before daylight. I often wonder where they went... I guess the same place as the otter family and the streaked neck turtles...
    Julie in FL

  4. What a sweet memory for you and your mom! The fox is SO cute! Do they stay all year?

  5. I Adore your garden its stunning you are one lucky lady .The fox cub is so adorable .How lovely it would be to come for tea!! .Being on the Internet has opened a whole new world for me .meeting like minded spirits its amazing!! just a shame we all live so far apart . we are lucky that our paths have crossed in this way .
    I was so exited to see my name in your post thanks .
    love and hugs from sesga xx


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