Monday, May 12, 2008

Sharing the new pendant

Saturday I learned something that I should have realized. It is terribly difficult to bead a necklace in a moving vehicle. I can sew beads in a car, but stringing beads just doesn't get it. After 15 minutes I gave up on it and just sat back to enjoy the ride.

However,I did finish my pendant today. I know you may think it is not great or fancy or special in any way.It may not do justice to the beautiful porcelain piece,but it is special to me because the silver dragonfly is from a very special friend and I chose the lace design porcelain for myself with the dragonfly piece in mind.
The green pearls are from another friend, and some of the seed beads are from yet another dear friend.

As you may know, I enjoy creations that hold meaning. Although I rarely plan a project, I do try to add meaningful items into everything I create. Jewelry is no exception.I like knowing people I care about had a part in my projects. This allows good energy and thoughts of those friends when you see or use the item.
I do not care for large jewelry pieces. Nothing fancy for me, yes, my DH is a lucky man and he knows it. No huge jewelry purchases in this house :-)
Anyway, simplicity is what I enjoy. This necklace is actually busier than I prefer, but I think it will be just right with a Tee.It lays nice and makes a "quiet" statement. I really love the lace porcelain piece. Thanks Susan!!!!!!!


  1. It is a gorgeous necklace, Pat. I also find making pieces that have meaning are the best.


  2. Pat, the necklace turned out wonderful. I love all of the beads you selected to use with the porcelain pendant. Enjoy. Amy

  3. You did a lovely job. I bet it does look good on a tee shirt. What a joy it will be to wear :- )

  4. Pat, it's beautiful. I don't plan projects either. They just happen as they go along. That's the way I paint too - just start drawing. I may have an idea in my head but the final project never turns out as I originally thought. I think we just both must practice "creative serendipity". ;-) When is someone going to invent the 48 hour day so we have more hours to play!

  5. The green beads are striking! What a cool piece!


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