Thursday, May 22, 2008

Playing indoors today

It has been so sunny,windy and cold today. The sun was calling me but the wind and temp told me to stay put and try to create. I did just that. I started my book for the Stitchin Fingers Fiber Book group. You are welcome to join if you wish.I started it for anyone who wants to make a book or for those who already made one and wants to do others and share.

I had planned to begin June 1st, but temptation got the best of me and I worked on the cover. It is a bit different.After I saw the neat shaped books in the Quilting Arts summer 2004 issue,I wanted to do a shaped book. I still want to make a teapot book, but this won't be it. This book is shaped like a mermaid's tail. I know that sounds very weird,but I hope to prove otherwise as I create pages for it and finish it off with flair! It is felted using lace,dupioni silk,dyed velvet,organza,dyed cheesecloth and a few other fabrics. The size will be 11"x6.5" not including the free flowing lace tail which will be filled with more layers as the book pages are added. I have no idea whee I am going with this, that is my norm. Just dive in and see what happens.

After playing with that, my mind wandered to hang tags so I browsed Etsy and found a lady who makes custom tags. I worked with her and she created tags for my items I sell at shows and such. She was so nice,friendly and patient with me. I will shop with her again, and hope if you ever need tags, you will give her a look. She also has a second shop called Huckleberry Arts. Her card shop is called AGDesigns. Thanks again Annette!!!
Oops! I forgot pictures of my tags! It must be time for tea and a bubble bath right? This is one of three designs...look familiar?


  1. How cool for a book cover. I knew you would do something fun and interesting!

    The tags are really pretty. She did a great job with them.

  2. Hi Pat you book cover is stunning how lovely to use the mermaids tail shape. I think it really works well.
    love from sesga xx

  3. Neat book, Pat! You might want to check your blog URL on Stitchin didn't take me here but rather somewhere else?

  4. Wow, Pat the mermaid tail is stunning. It will be really interesting to follow the progress of this book.


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