Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Osteospermum.....flower from the land of WHO!

After several inquiries about the name of my new "weirdo" flower,I wanted to let you know it is called an Osteospermum. You can view several more here. Enjoy!
Click on photo below for magnificent detail.


  1. Love your photos, even the snake!
    What an interesting Whoville flower; I'm going to look for that one.

  2. What a beauty that is. Thanks for the information.

    Pierrette =^..^=

  3. Now that is, indeed, a weird flower! But still beautiful. Your pictures are great but I'd sure like to see one in person.

  4. Welcome to the World of Osteospermum. I hope the plant gives you much pleasure. Best regards from the UK.

  5. Freda Butler4:54 PM CDT

    Hi Pat

    This flower is gorgeous. Did your friend possibly tell you where she bought it? I looked on the web and most sites were UK or South Africa. I saw Rob's note from the UK.

    Maybe they can be ordered here in the US.




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