Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Nice weekend and ramblings

This weekend was spent in the garden, staining more decking lattice, and an evening at a cookout. In other words, very blissful!

In the garden,everything seems to be blooming at once. Today is cold and windy so I haven't ventured out for new garden photos but I can say the Iris are gorgeous and so are the Phlox and Wigelia. I peeked out this morning and my eye caught something moving . I couldn't believe my eyes. There was this tiny ground squirrel eating poppy petals. As I grabbed the camera and tried to focus through the living room window,he scurried away as I snapped the photo. Here is the evidence though. The orange "left overs" were poppy blooms. It was cute to watch because the poppy petal was as big as he was. Little piglet!

Saturday I took a mile drive down to my neighbor Cindy, who has a gardening and landscape business. I fell in love with this little odd fellow and begged her to get me one. This was in her private stash and she gave it to me. Then I felt bad,but she said she had another,so.....well.....I took it. It is just so cute and whimsical. I planted it right near my hammock so I can view it as I swing. It reminds me of a Dr. Seuss flower of some sort. Perhaps from the land of Who!

Sunday we went to my brother's for a cook out. My DH and son rode the ATV's over to ride the trails in the woods.It is only 5 miles away. Actually it was our property which we sold to my brother because we had to move within the Chesterton school boundaries when Ed was 4 to start preschool.Otherwise we would have never given up our 20 wooded acres of heaven. Wild deep purple iris grow near the pond and there are huge areas of just green soft moss which is where I used to take Ed for little picnics.

I took mom through the trails on John's ATV and she was holding on to me so tightly that my shirt was opened way too much in the front. I had to tell her to hold her hands instead. We laughed most of the way. She said if she fell off she would break in to a million pieces. I swear I was only going 1/2 mile per hour,if that. It was fun,and the trails were really nice and open. I miss riding around the woods.

Yesterday was around 80' and so humid. I wanted the pool opened,but today it is 40',so I'm glad I didn't ask. Brrrrrr. I hope tomorrow is a bit warmer so I can enjoy the garden a bit. If not I will continue gathering fabrics and such for my mermaid fiber book to have packed and ready for some garden stitching next week. Fingers crossed.

Hopefully I will have some fabric project to share soon. I am having withdrawals from no stitching.

More Comfort Dolls arrived today so hopefully tomorrow I will get them on the doll blog. Time for dozen #23 to find a home.

Sunny days to you all!


  1. It is quite wonderful what you do with the comfort dolls.
    Thanks to you and your energy, I appreciate knowing you
    aloha Lilla

  2. Pat, do you know the name of those beautiful purple and white flowers. I don't remember ever seeing those before and they are adorable.

    Pierrette =^..^=

  3. Oh I really like the new flower you found. I wonder what it is called and if it is available in the garden center?


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