Saturday, May 03, 2008

A little weekend stitching

I had a nice visit with mom this morning then went to my brother's house to cut his hair and grab some fresh organic asparagus for lunch. On my arrival home I was greeted with the smell of fresh cut grass which DH was just finishing up. They should bottle that scent.

It was sunny but nippy and windy out so I opted for gardening of a different sort. I decided to finish a few eyeglass case orders due next week.

Still working with flowers only without the dirt ,yet still including a few creatures. The topiary is punch needle with silk ribbon Fargo roses. This order was for a black and pale pink case with a Topiary and garden theme.
What would a garden be without a dragonfly?
The other is Navy blue with a friendship theme.
Nothing great, but keeping the fingers nimble. I looked out the studio window a few minutes ago to a great surprise. The very dark purple Lilac bush that I "begged" from a stranger and which I have nurtured for five years has got it's first blooms this year. I wasn't sure if it was birds I saw or real Lilacs,but sure enough, I see 6 black/purple Lilacs at the very top of the bush. I have white and two shades of light purple Lilac trees, and always wanted a dark purple and pink. I heard there is a pale yellow Lilac, does anyone know if this is true?
Well, I am off to press out the wrinkles in the cases and wrap them for delivery. I hope everyone is having a great weekend.


  1. This is beautiful, Pat. Don't you love working on small projects like this! So much satisfaction in completing a project and being able to get on to the next inspiration!


  2. Those cases are beautiful. The topiary is especially nice with that little bird.

    I've never seen yellow lilacs, but this site seems to show that they exist:

  3. These are both so lovely. I really like the one with the topiary.

  4. your cases are just gorgeous!! I use mine everyday and love it:)

  5. Your stitching is absolutely beautiful.

  6. Did you ever find your yellow lilac? The topiary is precious!


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