Monday, May 19, 2008

The impatient gardener.....

This morning as I walked through the garden I noticed the ivy has almost filled the back of my potting shed. Actually it's original use 130 years ago was a Summer kitchen to keep the heat from the living quarters during hot months. I love the potting shed and once had a floral shop in it. The floors are brick so I gathered fresh herbs and scattered on the floor so the wonderful aroma filled the air when stepped on.
I thought I would take a few pictures of some newly added color in the garden before the current plants began to bloom. I mainly added perennials but needed a few annuals for instant color. The plants are getting ready to bloom, such as the Iris,Wigelia,Daisy,Campanula,etc...however I need color now!
I love these little beauties I found planted in with Petunias. I forget what they are called,but I saved my labels for my garden journal.As you know, orange is not a color I use often although I am warming up to it. I chose some orange flowers to make the garden pop.The centers of the top bunch are! I have always loved the pincushion so I added another because mine isn't in bloom yet.

This is the small area that is lit with tiny lights at night for visits and tea or wine. Two wicker chairs,two tables, comfy cushions, great conversations! The hammock area got new paver's underneath because the Ivy and Periwinkle ground cover was trying to take over. I also have control over the gardener snakes because I can see them sooner. Eeeewww!
Mom just bought me the pretty pink Calla Lily. I have only planted the creamy yellow before and love these. Every time I say "Calla Lilly", I think of Katherine Hepburn. ;-}
The pinks (Dianthus) and Forget-me-nots are still in bloom. Woo Hoo! This little type of Dahlia is new to me. I love it. So cheerful. I may need a couple more.
Well, this sums up my early morning before my errands. Then I spread another load of mulch near the driveway by my boulder's. Tomorrow I hope to start on my cloth book. The group Sharon started named,"Stitchin Fingers" allowed anyone to form specific project groups so I started a fiber book group which promises to be a lot of fun. I am excited, there are already 33 members.
I hoped you enjoyed today's garden stroll. I'm off to chat with my son for a bit. I hope you all have a great evening,or morning depending where you are.


  1. I just LOVE the potting shed! It is heavenly ~ the inside must be wonderful! Pat I sold dried flowers too ~ it was called Blessed From Above.
    Don't you love the tall fern! Do you know what it is called? I bought one at a museum and am thinking of dividing it putting it all over my yard!
    Don't you wish spring would last forever!

  2. What a relaxing setting you have there. And even better, you actually take time to enjoy it.

    I'm looking forward to the fiber book group. This will be totally new to me.

  3. Love the potting shed, and your flowers are gorgeous!

  4. Is Pat The Gardner afraid of lil ole garden snakes? ;-) We have one that returns to live under our ivy and behind the retaining wall every year so we even gave him a name, Mr. Slithers. We also made a sign on a stake with an arrow pointing to his lair that says, "Mr. Slithers lives here". He's been helping to keep the mice and vole population down. Now I wish we had more bees. There are fewer and fewer every year it seems.

  5. {sigh} a brick floor, sprinkled with herbs... what a heavenly setting!

  6. Oh I am in love with your garden!!!

    What inspirations you must get just being in it!

    Have a beautiful night


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