Friday, May 02, 2008

Gardening,gardening,and more gardening

My back may ache,my fingernails may look dreadful,and it may be raining, but I have been gardening for the past three days and just stopped for a break and to dry off. My DH surprised me yesterday when he brought home large pavers to re-do my patio under my hammock. The fern and phlox were trying to take over,and although I love them, I do need my hammock area to be usable.Plant free so I can keep an eye out for gardener snakes.

So, after transplanting all day yesterday,here he drives up with these goodies. I was tired,but was way more anxious to fix that area than to rest, so I gloved up and started removing the old home made stones I had under the hammock. It was quite a job,but DH grabbed a bite to eat and started helping me. We finished in about two hours and he went in to shower but I decided I should take advantage of the warm evening and started building a border from the old stones around my flower beds. WOW! It looks so cottage-y now. I love it. DH came back out and moved my old stone fountain which developed a crack,into my side garden on a brick foundation so I could plant it instead of throw it away.

This morning I was at Menard's at 7:00 buying dirt and pansies. It has rained on and off all day but is very warm. The kind of weather I love to plant in. I really love the garden even more this year and hope to spend many hours stitching and journaling among nature.The green deck really calms the area and makes the perfect transition from deck to garden.

Everything is starting to bloom. I love the color trees offer, the flowering Quince is coral, the Dogwood is still that soft buttery yellow before turning white, the Sand Cherry is pinkish white with it's purple leaves, the Lilacs are formed and about to open just in time for Mother's day,and the flowering Crabapple trees are just bursting with their gorgeous pink blooms. I put the hammock out to get rained on and cleaned,and shortly I will be swinging and looking up into the beautiful view of the flowering trees and dreaming of many blissful days to come. Pictures soon.

Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Wow, you have been so busy. I'm sure everything looks fantastic. I love the pansy picture you posted. I'm studying it close up to possibly do something like it in watercolor. Can't wait to see pics of your garden.

  2. I, too, love that pansy pic you posted. You want to come transform my yard when you get done with yours?!

  3. My Garden can be next in line after Sue's. I wanted to also let you know that I recieved the bracelet... It is more beautiful in person than I imagined it would be... Thanks again and I am getting my PIF in order.. Thanks again!

  4. Hi Pat,

    Don't you love spring? All those lovely flowers make you quickly forget the cold and gloom of the long winter. I, too, got pansies yesterday; they are so cute and look as if someone drew tiny lines on their faces. Pansies, lilacs, dogwood, rhodies, I love them all!

  5. Thank you ladies for the nice comments. Yes, I will grab my trowel and gloves and be right over. You must promise a tea break after 3 hours of work :-).
    The pansy pic was from a Victorian image CD,one of my favorites. Use it if you wish, it is copyright free.

    Tina, I am thrilled you liked the bracelet.Photos never capture details and true color,so I am glad it was something to make you smile.

  6. Pat isn't the "dog tired dirty hands and feet ~ dirt fallin' out of the bra " kinda day in the garden just the BEST!!!!!
    And it promises the best kind of sleep!
    Frank helped with the laundry the other day and I got yelled at for all the dirt in my clothes from gardening!heh heh ~ I'll take that over playing "dress up " at work ANYDAY!!!!


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