Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Garden and stash...something creepy in my garden

It is a bit windy but I did spend some time in the garden today. As I was peacefully observing natures beauty.....the intense purple hues of the Iris~~~~~
The dense blooms on the Wigelia~~~~
The heavenly scented cream blooms on the Black Locust tree looking like Wisteria and smelling every bit as sweet~~~~
And the gorgeous variegated rusty pink petals of the ruffled pansies~~~~

and enjoying every gift. I would have stayed longer, but something slithered near my chair and I scadoodled in the house.
I know you must take the good with the bad, the beauty with the ugly, and so forth, but....a snake???? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I can't sit comfortably with a snake nearby. I just can't do it I tell you. I have tried,really I have. One day while trimming Lavender I spotted Mr. snake sitting quietly observing me. I stayed and trimmed with one eye on him. Not very pleasant. Yes I am a country gal, but there is a limit to my tolerance. Ever since I stepped on that huge cold snake one summer day while picking a tomato in dad's garden.......well, I can still feel that coldness under my bare foot and the shiver that went up my spine as I looked down and saw a snake looking up at me...not smiling.

Ok, on a nicer note, this beautiful stash arrived today from Liz of Gypsyfeather, and Etsy shop I adore. Liz is so sweet,a true treasure. She offers wonderful unique gatherings of vintage and new treasures for fiber artists,crazy quilters, collage artists, etc. Beautifully packaged and super fast shipping. I am loving the purple crochet trim,and....everything. Thanks Liz!!!


  1. Your stash is very pretty. I imagine it is so fun for you to get a goodie package like that!

    As for the snakes, I am not afraid of local snakes. I don't LIKE them, but they don't really bother me. At our other house, we had a loosly piled three foot high rock wall around the front of the house and black snakes lived in the wall. Some days you could see them sunning themselves on the top of the wall, and often there would be skins hanging from the tree branches. I liked the fact that they ate mice and sometimes chipmunks (which were a problem, cute as they were) but it bothered me that they ate baby birds too. Oh well, the balance of nature. If your gonna live in the country, ya gotta accept the country ways.

  2. I'm with you on the snakes -- run!!! However, my nice neighbor came and rescued me from my Mr. Snake. He took Mr. Snake far, far away into the woods and turned him loose. So far, no sightings of any of his family (LOL)

  3. What gorgeous flowers. I love your garden. All my favourite flowers I can't grow in my grden.

  4. Thanks for sending the link to your blog, Pat. What a breath of fresh air ... your garden is absolutely gorgeous! When we moved back to Texas last year we settled into a lake community on the edge of the national forest. There are no fences and the deer roam freely. Although lovely to behold, deer can do MAJOR damage to a flower or vegetable garden. There's not much they won't eat. lol. Putting cages around treasured plants just doesn't work for me; what's the point if they're 'jailed' and can't blend with nature? So...I suppose I'll just garden vicariously through your blog.

    And...thank YOU for your kind words about Gypsyfeather. You can't imagine how thrilled I am that such a talented gal as yourself finds delight in my Etsy collections. It's been a pleasure getting to know you ... I adore everything you create!


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