Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A few more small projects

The lady who ordered the sunflower eyeglass case asked about a matching coin purse so I whipped this up but had to wait a while for the small clasps to arrive.The eyeglass case and coin purse are the same colors however my photography shows otherwise.
I had started the brown case months ago and just found it in a box with all the threads,beads,and supplies just waiting for me so I finished it up last night as well.

Today is gloomy but no rain, so I may play in the garden to lift the mood,or start a new project. I really need to get busy on small projects for the quilt show in October. I don't know why I am putting it off. I seem to find so many other things to do. I am committed now,papers signed, fees paid, so no turning back. Argh!!!! I know it will be fun though because the quilt guild members are so warm and friendly. I feel a tiny bit of pressure because I will be the only one offering crazy quilt items. I was asked to make Bliss kits and offer dyed ribbon as well, so it is my kind of thing. Something I enjoy doing,and hopefully bringing interest to CQ. That would be awesome to get enough interest to start a CQ guild in my area. One can dream!!!!!


  1. The glass case and the coin purse are wonderful. The beaded bee is adorable too, for a bee that is.:))
    Love your silk ribbon work and fancy stitches. Also in your other post the heart in hands charms are cute. Can you disclose your source for them?
    Hope you are having a good day!

  2. Wow that is beautiful. Your stitching is amazing and add to that your skill for turning that beautiful stitching into a coin purse or glasses case.etc, etc, it's just cool!

  3. Your customer is going to love those cases.

    I'm glad someone will be representing the CQ crowd at your quilt show! Even if you only found a handful of people in the area, wouldn't it be cool to have a local CQ group?!

    I so enjoy coming to your blog. It's a peaceful place to hang out for a few minutes :- )

  4. I really like this one, it's definitely my colour!!
    Haven't visited for a while but I can see you are still very busy!

    I'm hosting a " one day holiday" event in June- do you want to take part?
    Read you soon!


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