Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Fabric of my youth

Growing up in the 70's meant that several of my tops were synthetic,almost but not quite like the double knit fabrics,except for my Tee shirts that is.
I never thought about the fabrics my clothes were made of before. However, I was browsing fabrics this morning at Joann's and came across this shiny synthetic fabric. I wouldn't use it for CQ, but for a book or perhaps a landscape????
I had to buy some in two color ways just because I had a top made from something so very similar. I wonder what it is used for these days? If you added a pretty fine nylon or silk fringe on each end you would have a pretty neck scarf. If you give it a stretch, it ripples. I will have to experiment with this stuff. The colors in the top piece are so beautiful in person. Next time you go to Joann's,check out the fabrics in on the bargain tables, the flat folds.
The photo doesn't capture the sheen or the fine golden threads woven through. Actually in this photo it looks ugly. You'll have to trust me on this, it is pretty and colorful.


  1. Pat, you are naughty, how could you think I was older?
    Told I keep my age well!
    Oh! it is good to have a laugh is it not?
    I love your site, was interested in the cloth books, any more info. you can give me? I treasure the one you made me, Tuscany, remember?
    By the by, time for a bit of an exchange, what do you say?
    I hope your lovely book is going well, aloha Lilla

  2. Interesting fabric, Pat. I'm curious as to how you'll use it. Your garden is beautiful and so far ahead of here. We are still "doing" spring flowers in spite of the warm temps. last weekend. The weeds, however, are thriving!

  3. Anonymous11:07 AM CDT

    Hi Pat, I'm laughing--I bought the same fabric for the same reason last week. HaHa, Lynn in SoCal


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