Saturday, May 31, 2008

Beating the heat...beach treasures, new blooms, mermaid book....

It was a beautiful morning to gather beach glass. Luckily we went early because it is very hot and humid right now. I think we made quite a haul. I found 6 pieces of blue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(look Terri). I also found a stem of a goblet,a few shell pieces,some crinoids,and a tiny seashell. My pockets were sagging with this load. What fun!The antique rose bush my mother in law gave me 26 years ago is in bloom this morning. What it lacks in beauty(I think it is beautiful)it makes up for in scent. This rose scents the whole yard. I love working in the garden when it is blooming. With that and the scent of the Black Locust tree,(the one that looks like cream Wisteria blooms) ,it is quite a nice place to relax and just inhale.

I found a Foxglove in bloom and can't believe I have never noticed the little hairs on them. I love Foxglove and Delphiniums together.

This purple plant which looks sort of like a Heliotrope,but I have forgotten the name, has been dug up about 10 times last week by a squirrel or raccoon so I potted him on the back deck. He seems to love it.

Since I start sharing steps of my book making process tomorrow, I decided to work on it during the storm last night. I was surprised to have the basic pages constructed and awaiting embellishment. I gathered some items and stitched on the porch for a while. The humidity is just too much though. It is at the fun stage,so I should have a project to take to the garden next week.


  1. Hi Pat! As you are sweltering, our furnace is running! Isn't it interesting how the camera makes you notice things you wouldn't ordinarily see? I've observed that in photos of my proects also. I love foxglove! In German the name is "fingerhut"....thimbles which is appropriate, don't you think. I just planted a couple of scarlet runner beans all the while feeling a bit like Jack, and expecting to hear, "Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum....." Wonder whether they'll be up to the eaves by morning?

  2. Hi Pat, I planted a delphinium this year in honor of my Grandmother. She loved them, and I thought it would be nice to grow one in a pot across from my kitchen window so I can see it daily. I added some white allysum and some colbolt blue lobelia to cascade down the pot in front of it, and I am so happy with the results! Lovely shots of the flowers you have posted !
    Best to you.

  3. Your pictures are gorgeous, so mesmerizing! Thanks for the joy and inspiration your tranquil garden gave me today! Blessings,

  4. Good morning, Pat:

    If anyone deserves the Arte Y Pico award for their creativity, design, blogs posts, and contributions to the blogging community - no matter the language - it is you, Pat! So, I am honored to award it to you. Congratulations. Please visit my Linda's Blog at to pick up your award. Have a wonderful day,


  5. Pat, your rose bush looks like a Rugosa. We have one just like it that is spreading wonderfully. You are so right about the scent! We can smell them even on the other side of the house! The bees love it. They roll all around inside the flower and get totally covered with pollen. It's almost like the scent makes them drunk! The bush has the most beautiful orange hips too!
    I envy you your beach glass stash!

  6. I would choose a single rose over any double always. The perfection of the bloom is so evident. I agree with Diane about it being a Rugosa.
    Your other flowers are lovely and your garden must be a delight.


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