Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Beach jaunt and beautiful day!

I walked through the garden this morning to see if there were more blooms to share. I found the Georgia Bluebells,Bleeding Heart,and of course the newly planted pansies and the daisy like flower which I just purchased as well were perky and begging to be photographed. I picked a bouquet from the flowering trees and took off to pick mom up for a beach jaunt. It was sunny with a touch of coolness in the air, a perfect beach morning. Doesn't that water look inviting?
After the stroll along the shore, we decided to walk the dunes a bit. Here is mom trekking her way up the hill.
We then walked along the road back to the car to see the progress they are making on the old homes.
The National Lakeshore is rebuilding the original homes along the lake front which were floated over from the Chicago fair on barges in 1933. I went to school with a girl whose family owned the round house in the 70's. It was called "The house of tomorrow".
Here is the sign in front describing the process. Mr. Bartlett,a developer, purchased five homes and moved them across the Lake to Beverly Shores where they are currently being refurbished to original condition.Aside from the round house there is a Steel home, Florida tropical house,Cypress log cabin,and a home made from stone cladding which did not handle Lake Michigan's harsh winter's very well.

Remember my "Pink Lady" house I shared last year? Well, it is the Florida house, and the home I always dreamed of owning when I was a little girl. I stood on the shore staring at it many times imagining what each room looked like. Today they were pouring concrete for a new lower patio out back. As I watched I felt sort of sad to see it being "disturbed". I do hope they keep the paint pink. When they allow tours, I will take pictures to share.


  1. Hi Pat, what a wonderful day, there is nothing more a Mother can ask for or want. Lovely to have your boy home for a while, enjoy him.

  2. It sounds like the perfect day - all the generations interacting with you. =) Those flowers are just gorgeous. I'm glad spring has found you.

    Those houses are amazing! What a project they've taken on!

  3. I think I'm just going to sit here for a bit, gaze at the sand and the water, and pretend I'm actually there, on the beach :- )

  4. Oh Pat the dogwood branches are beautiful! Frank and I went to a Dogwood Festival last week-end ~ tons of them in bloom ~ just breathtaking!


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