Thursday, April 10, 2008

Today has finally arrived!!!!! The IQS!!!!!

This year the International Quilt Show held in Rosemont,IL is opening its doors to the public this evening. My friend Laney phoned yesterday to confirm our venture. You know I am excited because this is the one show I look forward to every Spring. It kicks off the season for me because by the time I am through playing and experimenting with new products and stash I discovered and gathered from the show, it is time for gardening.

When I checked my email this morning I found my friend Ellen's Newsletter. She is offering a free workshop online for anyone who wishes to join in. It is called "Creating the Creator" and I am taking it on. I rarely do challenges because I lose interest and begin wondering why I started them. However this one seams like too much fun and if you see Ellen's results, who wouldn't want to try it? Won't you join me in this fun project? Ellen will be posting the results on her site,so we can each view the creativity in each of us,and how we see our creative selves. This will certainly be huge fun! No time limit.

Last night I was too excited about the show and needed a sewing project to fiddle with.With anxious hands, the calming "Amber" was the result of my restlessness. She is a petite(3.5"x1.5") Inner Child who finds beauty and purpose in each day.

She dreams of being a ballerina and you can find her dancing on tiptoes in her golden ballerina slippers throughout the day.She is small but has the biggest heart . Amber enjoys being subtle and blending in with nature and her surroundings. She is not flashy,loud,or boisterous in any way,but she does get her message across. Smelling of fresh Lavender buds,she is nothing short of delightful. She will be up for adoption in my etsy shop.

A sweet friend and neighbor dropped off a large bag of designer fabric samples while I was on the exercise bike and I didn't even know she was here.(Thank you Karen) I haven't gone through them yet,so tomorrow will be spent examining fabrics and new stash which is all I can do with it raining.
I see a pot of green tea,an orange vanilla candle softly flickering,and myself settled on the floor of my studio oooh-ing and aaah-ing and dreaming of new projects. A great way to end a week.

Well, I am off to pack water,camera,granola bars,umbrella,and a small project in my new tote and place it by the door while I count the minutes until departure. :-) I hope to have some pictures from the show to share with you.

I wish you all a wonderful day,try to find a rainbow!


  1. Your newest little creation is a beauty. From the top of her head down to her little slippers.

    Have a wonderful time at the Quilt Show!

  2. You lucky Lady, Quilt show sound's great .I love your doll's soooooooooooo much , do you swap because if you do I would be very happy to do so .I understand if your NOT up for it !and will not be offended love from sesga xx


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