Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Three new kids on the block......

The past few days I have been pleasantly busy delivering children. They smell of Lavender and have sweet dispositions although each have quite different personalities. These three Inner Child dolls couldn't wait to be introduced. They are a lively bunch,so without further ado......

Introducing Oliver Wendell......

Although he is an infant ,he has a mature name and was named after a favorite TV character of mine when I was young....can you guess who?

He will not part with his pacifier, I tried everything,nothing works. I guess he gets to keep it, besides, it matches his lime green booties!
He is a nature lover and will not be happy living in a big city unless his mom tends to him constantly. He has a few phobias,like his birth mother :-) He spends his days dreaming of birds,bees,and dragonflies.
The next Inner Child I would like you to meet is Nadia.
Nadia,named for Hope, loves life,flowers, and lollipops.

My hope for her is that she sees a dentist regularly :-). You won't catch her without a lemon lollipop in her tiny hand. She can be sassy,but to tame her, just take away her lolli.

The last but not least Inner Child is Amity....

Named for Friendship which seems to grow all around her because she is a very sweet,polite,and caring girl.
She spends her days running around the garden in her bare feet dancing,singing,and making colorful art. You must keep an eye on her when in the garden though, she loves to pick posies and tuck in her hair! What child doesn't?
Those are the three newest children up for adoption in my etsy shop. I am certain each child will find their new homes is just where they were meant to be.
Have a great evening, I'm going to clean up after these three!!!!!!


  1. Your three kiddies are very cute! Wherever do you find your clever embellishments? I loved looking at all the details.

    And thanks to you (and Lisa) for the purse/heart idea; it's a good one.

  2. They are all lovely, as is Prissy, happy at my house!

  3. Thanks ladies. Judy, I find my embellishments everywhere I go. I buy my flower sequins from cartwright sequins. The ladies who run the company do an excellent job with fast service and are great to work with if you have questions.
    Karrin, I am so glad Prissy has a happy home. I know she is smiling.

  4. Too cute. What a fun project. The personality you've given them through their descriptions is great.

    Also, the new comfort dolls are beautiful. The assortment of designs is very cool.


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