Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Playing with Jacquard ribbons

Today was another deceiving weather day. It was supposed to be in the 60's,and if it weren't for the cold wind, it would have been. The sun didn't fail me, it was the wind. Brrrrrrrrr. I woke up to a bright sunny house because I slept in...again, and once I felt outside,my plans for frolicking in the garden dissolved. I decided to do some deep cleaning, you know, the kind where you get a bucket of soapy water and crawl around the floors hoping to find every spot you see when company stops by? Oh yes, and I also have the vacuum cleaner "sickness". I absolutely have to vacuum every day,and during this morning's cleaning, it led me to the kitchen floor and before I knew it I had my bucket of Mr. Clean multi surface(love the peppermint aroma) and was on my behind scooting an inch at a time.

Doesn't it feel good when your floors are clean? I know they don't stay clean for long, but for the few moments it is a very blissful feeling for me. Tonight I am making coconut shrimp for dinner, so my lovely peppermint smelling house will be smelling of seafood....argh! However, the floors will shine! Always find the positive right?

After I finished cleaning and doing laundry I decided it was time to try a ribbon bracelet. You may remember the lace silk ribbon embroidered bracelets I made a few years ago??? If not, this version is made with a Jacquard ribbon. I saw a few Helen Gibb had made last Thursday and I told her about my lace ones. She liked the idea,and I liked her idea. Sooooo fingers to work.

A few months ago I had gathered all of my Jacquard ribbons to send to a friend who uses them a lot in her CQ,and I must say I am glad I had forgotten to send them now :-).

I chose a purple one ,of course,and picked a few beads,flowers and such and went to work. I made this bracelet while speaking to a friend on the phone. It was that quick. I love this bracelet and know I will be making more.

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