Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Pen felting

This morning I tried my hand at pen felting. The pen felter is the new tool from Clover that I saw in the Belle Armoire magazine. It is portable,works in tiny areas and makes these sweet flowers with different cookie cutter things. I have to add some sequins and beads to these.
I tried the pansy and rose, now I must try the rabbit and butterfly. I think these will be fun to try in my CQ projects.


  1. Hi Pat,
    These look great. Yes, I think it will be perfect for your CQ.

  2. You continually amaze me. Everything you do is marvelous, and I'm sure when these are finished, they will be marvelous too.

  3. Very cute, Pat. It seems like felting has really taken hold everywhere.

  4. This looks interesting Pat,
    we have a big craft show coming up, I will check the pen out.

  5. Pat, your felt flowers look great! This looks like a cool tool. I'll have to see if the stores have them yet.


  6. These remind me of fluffy clouds. Do you have a womans exchange in your area? My friend is making purses like this and selling them at her local Womans Exchange and can't keep them in stock.YOur are some of the nicest I have ever seen.

  7. Your felt flowers are great !!
    I have the felting pen also but I don't try it . Now I will do my best to !
    Rini - the Netherlands


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