Saturday, April 12, 2008

Irvette is born....

What do you do on a rainy day? You create a mermaid!
Did you know there were mermaids living in Lake Michigan? I have always known they lived here but kept it a great secret until now. As a child I spent most days playing in the sand along the shores of Lake Michigan . Many times I would hear a loud splash but by the time I turned to see what caused it,there was nothing but a large ripple slowly coming toward me. I wasn't afraid because I knew whatever it was, it wasn't going to harm me. It was just curious that's all.

Now,as an adult, I know it was mermaid's that were coming to shore to sneak a peek at creatures like myself with long light colored seaweed-like strands pulled back in bright bows , legs and arms with hands filling brightly colored buckets with white sifting sand before running to the water to moisten. I am sure my sand castles looked real from their watery view. Perhaps they thought I lived in the castles? I think they saw me catch a glance of their silvery tails several years later. Whatever the connection was, I know they are there,and now I have proof!

Irvette, which means "Mermaid" ,was just "delivered" moments ago.
Irvette is a mermaid princess whose Sea Queen mother abandoned her the instant she was born. She knew Irvette would be a delicate creature who could not tolerate the cold waters of Lake Michigan. Irvette will soon be available for adoption in my etsy shop. A few of her mother's tears will be nestled in with her so she can always remember the sacrifice her mother gave to keep her child from harm.

She has a heart of gold and she wants so badly to be among humans. She isn't like most mermaids who enjoy being surrounded by water, she needs warmth,and most of all she needs a hug now and then. She will reward you with the sweet fragrance of fresh Lavender and a smile.

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  1. Hi pat, she is absolutely delightful as are all your inner children. All reflections of your inner beauty.
    I was trying to buy something from your etsy site but it said you don't post to NZ? is that on all your items Pat, or just some?
    Thanks and love


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