Friday, April 18, 2008

I felt an Earth Quake this morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You know when you are dreaming and wake up and feel like you are still dreaming? This morning around 4-ish, I woke up and felt my body and bed shaking. Really! I heard my husband downstairs as he was leaving for work and I thought perhaps I was having a low blood sugar tremble,which was at a very strange time,but what else could it be? It only lasted about 15 seconds and all was calm. I went back to sleep,which is unusual for me. Anyway.......I just turned on my radio and sat down to my laptop when heard them announce we had a 5.2 Earth Quake this morning.OMG!!!! Isn't that weird? I live in Indiana, we never feel Earth Quakes!!!! I wonder if my husband felt it.


  1. HA Pat... me too! I felt the earthquake and being a native Californian - I knew instantly what was happening, as my closet doors rattled and my bed shook. I opened my eyes and thought, "I'm in Indiana NOT California". Then did a mental check list - what can fall over if this gets stronger?

    I popped right out of bed and checked the news - but since it was within minutes of it happening, there was nothing said yet. Having grown up with too many earthquakes (and after shocks) in CA, I always wonder, "is this a pre-cursor?" Is the 'big' one coming next? They make me so uneasy.

    Needless to say, there was no way I could go back to sleep - I was too afraid of another one coming. And here I thought I had moved away from all that!

  2. I grew up in California so I remember all the big ones. Moved to Washington State and we have them here too. I think they're different then SoCal; it's like being on a skate board, more of a rolling action then being shaken. It is all scary!

    I thought we were having earthquake weather on Wednesday. There were pigeons on my neighbors roof. I've never seen pigeons on my street,let alone on the roof. How can that be?

    Ollie woke me this morning telling me about your earthquake. I'm glad that your are alright.

  3. Count me in! We felt it here in Louisville and then again about 11:15 we had an aftershock that registered 4.8!

    I'm not use to this sort of thing and I didn't realize what it was until it was over. Very unsettling feeling!


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