Friday, April 18, 2008

Getting our grove back................

After my weird and unsettling morning, waking to an earth quake that just doesn't happen in Indiana, I cleaned house,called mom and we took another jaunt to the beach.I actually remembered my camera this time and took a few pics of mom in her glory. Not bad for 78 yrs old huh?
We headed the opposite way today and covered at least twice as much shoreline than yesterday. What a beautiful way to welcome Spring! The hot sun and gentle breeze had me day dreaming once again. I get so lost in my thoughts while strolling the shore. Perhaps this is one reason my mind and body is addicted to beach walks, they need this escape.

I'm not thinking of what to make for dinner, what my son is doing , or what shall I create next? My thoughts flow to mythical sea mermaids and creatures,fixing up my old pink beach front home, finding a blue piece of glass...... which I did today!!! Yes, Dad was with us today.I had hoped he would be there since it had been so long,and sure enough, about 5 minutes into the search....BINGO! A beautiful smooth blue piece.We walked past several sail boats awaiting Memorial day. Every boat and water toy in site gets wet around here on Memorial day when the beaches officially open.
This was my gathered treasures from yesterday. I was thrilled finding each one, not expecting anything.
This was my bountiful treasure for today.
John just got home so we are probably going for a motorcycle ride. It is a shame to waste such a day inside.
I wish you all a day of sunshine! Enjoy!


  1. What a great day! It sounds like so much fun and so relaxing.

  2. Oh YES ~ your Dad was there!

  3. Wow a lot of sea glass that you have found !


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