Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Dragonfly tote progress

I didn't get much accomplished on my tote this morning because I found myself freshening up the painted items in my bathroom. Last night I noticed my vanity,small chest of drawers,etc, was looking a bit grungy so out came the antique white paint! I feel much better now. I planned dinner and I lit a vanilla soy candle and now all is well at the Winter home.After the painting was complete I did outline the dragonfly. I experimented with felting it on with roving but it looked messy. I tried ribbon floss in a matching color but it was boring. I tried various sizes of rick rack but it looked cheap. Then I realized I was trying to make things too difficult. I then turned to my tried and true favorite thread......Kreinik metallic braid. There is nothing better my friends. Kreinik has been there for me over 20 years and I always find something in their offerings that fits the job. I must say I am happy to see a few new users of Kreinik sing their praises lately. I would not steer you wrong......

So, here is the dragonfly outlined using the blanket stitch. Simple yet it works without taking away from the wings or standing out too much from the suede backing.The photos show a lot of the smoky blue accents however in person they are hardly noticeable...strange.
I really enjoyed working with the embossed suede because the leather scent made me think of my horse Todd as a teenager and my many rides through trails and country roads on Summer days. I truly enjoyed the journey.
A few close ups of treasures strewn about the wings for texture and just plain FUN! The copper butterfly charm and tiny metal leaves scattered about are from Artful Market..................

The beautiful beaded tatted heart is from Wendy Shu of Singapore. I was very excited when I discovered I had one in beige.

Now to assemble~~~~~~~~~~~~~


  1. Gorgeous - it is such a beautiful piece Pat!

  2. What a beautiful dragon fly! Isn't it odd the way it's hard to capture the "real" color of something in a photo?

  3. Loooove that texture! My head is still spinning here, it already rocks!

    Stop by when you can, Pat there is someone who wants to meet you. Lady Love Squared awaits...

    Yes! have free time now to peruse the many many blogs I've missed sew. Exploring, seeing what you've been up to. Bizzy woman you, Monica :)

  4. Lovly texture. Great work.


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