Saturday, April 12, 2008

Alida.....just flew in!

Alida~A slim lavender scented delicate angel just flew in my window. She flutters about my head teasing me and giggling . She won't let me capture her,she is too swift for these old stitcher's fingers. She will be tiring soon, and I will make my move. Her spirit is playful as she is just a newborn. Hopefully she will find a home where she can take flight anytime and explore her new surroundings. I'm afraid Angell,my chihuahua is terribly jealous of her already, otherwise she would be safe and welcome to stay with me as I find her quite sweet and comforting.I love these colors together, olive and pink. Very vintage and feminine. Perfect for an angel I think. In this case, this little angel,Alida, meaning "Small Winged One". Alida is 1 1/2" wide not including wings, and 4 1/2" tall. Her beautiful silver scrolled metal wings are washed in pink for a lighter appearance. She wears one of my vintage flocked flowers in her hair that I had saved from my childhood. I was and still am a collector of things!

Her body is made with an olive oriental print fabric which I found at Erica's last fall. Her tiny hands at her side and ballerina slippers tiptoed and ready to take flight right into your heart and home.I think she is my favorite color combo so far. I can see her worn as a brooch next to a beating heart to keep her warm. She is filled with fresh Lavender buds and smells just "heavenly".The words found on her body read,"Fly away home",which is exactly what I have planned for her. She will be up for adoption in my etsy shop as soon as I think I can part with her.

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