Friday, March 21, 2008

Wonderful Class! Happy Spring!!!!

Yesterday was the first day of Spring and such a beautiful sunny day that I didn't have to wear a coat. That was exciting and you would understand if you had to stay indoors 6 to 7 months a year. Today is another is snowing. Yep! That's Indiana for you! Gotta love it!

I was just happy and fortunate to have such a beautiful day for my class. I enjoyed a scenic drive along winding roads through the country to reach the destination of my Seascape class. That was a treat in itself. I plan on having my husband take that road the next time we are taking a motorcycle ride. It will be even more beautiful when grass and leaves appear.

This is Marlene, who graciously opened her gorgeous home to us. She is such a sweet lady.Upon arrival, Marlene greeted me at the door with a smile. Such a relaxing environment,I felt comfortable immediately. I set up in the dining room which had windows galore. Perfect for natural light and mother nature cooperated with plenty of sunshine. Marlene served us a delicious light lunch of chicken and rice soup with almonds and a fresh baby green salad with walnuts. With the superb company,streaming sunlight and inviting meal, I felt Springs arrival.

With permission I took this photo of a quilt Marlene just completed last week. It is of her granddaughter which was inspire by the photo on the left. It is absolutely gorgeous. Her stitching is incredible. Last year she made one of another granddaughter. It was a winner at the String along quilt show. I know this will be a winner this year.

Marlene had sewing stations set up which was wonderful. You should see her sewing room. I could live in there.This is Nancy and Jeanette. Sewing and shopping. I tried to supply basics and had a few of my books to offer. I wish I would have had enough of my books for all,but they sold too quickly.

Nancy and Cinda are sis -in-laws and are so funny. Cinda (in black) offered to ride with me to my favorite bead shop in MI. I am looking forward to a trip soon.

This is the whole group,six delightful gals having fun with fabrics.Look at that beautiful sunlight washing the room with natural light. Left to right...Cinda,Cheryl,Jeri,Nancy,Jeanette, and Marlene. They are a group named,"Designing Women" and get together regularly to try out new applications. They just finished making jewelry and charms with silver clay. Cinda has a kiln so she fired them and brought them for the ladies so I got to see their creations. What fun these ladies must have. I may be turning green from envy!

Contemplating the next move....Oh! Look....beads!!!!! Do you think Cheryl would notice if I slipped one of those tubes of green beads from her pile?????

Jeri is pinning and piecing....

The six ladies were so sweet,energetic,and ready to go. They enjoyed the class,I enjoyed teaching them,and although it was a six hour class, I know we all could have kept on going. It was truly a wonderful teaching experience and the students were tops.


  1. It sounds like a wonderful day! I love the pictures you've posted. How excited they must have been to have you come do a class!

    I couldn't believe the weather report for the mid-west!

  2. I kept looking for you in the photo- silly me- there you are behind the camera.LOL

  3. Catching up on blog reading. The class looks great. Love the piece you made for your MIL. I wish I had seen it before working on my mermaid piece. Nice of you to make the scissors fobs for the class.


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