Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Seascape for MIL

This is the seascape I made for my MIL a few years ago. It measures 29"x21".

These are my favorite fish embellished with fine kreinik blending filament for sparkle.

I went to take pictures and my battery is low,so until they are charged, here is a peek. I had such fun experimenting and dreaming up things for this project.

Hopefully the pictures taken with charged batteries won't look so washed out. Later taters!


  1. This seascape is exquisite!! What a beautiful piece to have in your home. How did your class go? I'll just bet everyone was thrilled with the class and the gift from the teacher.

  2. Love the seascape, it is beautiful!

  3. I know you are teaching today at some time... I am lifting you to be the salt of the earth to your students. Loved the scissor fobbs I am going to have to make something for my new scissors too.
    Also I started a blog, and would love to have you visit, often.
    Hugs to you,

  4. What a magical piece! I love it. This is definately a keeper to pass down through generations. I'm speechless.

  5. I really love the colours of this piece, and the real shells, it really all works well together!

  6. Beautiful piece you made for her! Fran and I picked up some of that sparkly thread last weekend - like you used to embellish the blue fish. I can hardly wait to try it, and this is a great place for it.

    It was so nice of you to make the scissors fobs for your class members! They will treasure those, I know. Did you catch up on your sleep now?

  7. I can't believe the amount of work that went into this. Great piece of art.


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