Saturday, March 15, 2008

Reflections of childhood...bittersweet reality.

I hope to catch up on blogs this week as my son has returned to college this afternoon and I am already missing him. Six weeks and he will be free and return home until he plans his life. It certainly has been a fast four years.

Where has my little white haired boy with the Superman cape gone? The boy dressed as Dick Tracey (or at least his version) while building sand castles on the beach? Always giving me a "thumbs up" when asked if he was having fun.

The child that enjoyed my scavenger hunts in the rain and digging up buried treasure chests and meeting me at the back door packed in mud with a huge smile holding tight to his score of new toys,cash,and candy? The photo below was taken after a hard day of play. I love it because of the ring of dirt around his neck. Something many mother's would cringe over but to me it was a sign that my son had a great day filled with fun.

I am so fortunate to hold beautiful memories of his childhood but there are moments it is so hard to accept those days cannot return. Who wouldn't want more play days with their child?

I am not a writer however I used to write stories using my son as the main character when we first moved in this old house. This place enticed me to gather pen and paper and sit under the old Hickory tree and dream of adventures a boy might enjoy while roaming freely along the sandy creek, in the big old red barn, and under the stars on a warm Summer's night. Sand Creek meanders through the woods along our property and it was the perfect setting for adventures. I plan on self publishing those stories in a book on Blurb and present it to him upon graduation in May. I know he will think it is silly, but I also know he will keep it in a safe place until one day he has a child to share it with. In my mind I can see him and his child lying in a hammock reading in the sunshine as we used to do almost every day in the Summer.

I look forward to those days,and look back on my sweet little boy who has grown into such a magnificent man. We gave him wings and now we must let him fly.


  1. Wow! Having kids on the "other end" of this at 5 years and 7 years it makes me realize how fast it all will go.
    I'm sure he'll get misty eyed while reading this like I just did (even if he never admits it! :)

  2. This weekend my husband and I sat in our backyard watching our near 2 year old little boy discover dirt clods and play in the mud. I truly treasure seeing him grow, learn and have fun.

  3. Hi Pat,

    You're right, those years did go all too quickly, but we are left with wonderful memories, aren't we? And when you're fortunate to have some grandbabies, you'll find that everything has come full circle. Blessings.


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