Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Playing with embellisher

Here are some felting samples I have been playing with. When Margo Duke sent me a kit two years ago I knew this would be something I would want to incorporate into a quilt project one day. A few months ago when I bought my embellisher I played a little but didn't have the time to really sit down and experiment. I am no expert, but I would like to share what I have learned so far.

#1... Always apply a nice coat of silicone glove to your hands before playing with wool and silk fibers for a less frustrating experience. The super fine,super soft Mawata Hankies (silk) stick to any rough spot on your hands like a spider web. This is irritating when you are trying to arrange your fibers on your fabric and they keep readjusting themselves.

FYI: A Hankie is made from one silk cocoon: a cocoon is carefully opened at one end and then stretched over the hand into a square. Pretty neat!
#2... Keep the safety guard down because this is so much fun you could easily slip a finger in the wrong place without realizing how close to the needle you are working. Trust me, it is like watching magic.

#3 ...Experiment with all fabrics and fibers. I love to work with cheesecloth,Angelina fibers and silk velvet and Dupioni best,but I enjoy seeing how other fabrics react to felting needles such as Organza,Chiffon, cotton,and even brocade. Every fabric plays differently and each reveals a unique texture which is what you are looking for. Who wants an all silk flat felted project? Not I! Give me lumps and bumps and valleys and curves!

#4... Work in some yarn,silk ribbon,and fiber and twist them around as the needles gobble them up and leave you breathless.

#5... Try adding beads and sequins and perhaps silk ribbon embroidery to your piece when finished,and set it aside to build more for a very unique project or clothing addition.

#6...Do not try to layer too many fabrics and fibers or you will break a needle I am told. So far, I have taken it slowly and paid attention to thickness , I do not want to start replacing needles so soon.


  1. Hi Pat,

    What fun! I saw one of these machines demonstrate, but wow, nothing like what you've done.

    You are going to be the hit of your WW meeting. What you've made is gorgeous, nothing like the black thing I have.

    Saw your pretty ribbon on Susan's blog also. You have lots of talent!

  2. Oh, how nice that looks. Very pretty - with your talent for color and embellishment, it had to be. =)

  3. Very nice structure and beautiful colors. It is addicting, isn't it? Wish I had more hours in a day!

  4. Beautiful piece. I've had my embellisher for a year and you've done more in this piece than I ever have. Can't wait to see more.

    Love your WW bag.

  5. Lovely combinations of texture and color here! Thanks for the inspiration....

  6. Totally love what you have done with your embellisher... don't you just love how it is so easy to add bits and pieces and come up with a awesome piece like yours.... Also hey your WW pouch is so awesome! hugs


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