Sunday, March 02, 2008

Next to last WW pouch posting

Hopefully this will be the last "Under Construction" post on my WW pouch. I hope to have it finished by Tuesday. I beaded the metal butterfly charm from Artful Market, one of my favorite sources to find the neatest charms on etsy.

See how messy I can be when I am working on a project? You just have to lay everything out in front of you and enjoy the journey. Kreinik threads and Cartwright sequins, are among my favorite goodies to create with.

Then there is my baby, Angell. She is letting me know she is what is important, and it is high time I put down the needle and picked her up. I just can't resist that face.

Here is a group of silk ribbon flowers I just completed. You can easily make a variety of flowers from the Japanese stitch. Here I just added a Fargo rose in the centers of some flowers. The ones left plain have an added flower bead for the center. These came from my friend Sandy Mannen .

I am off to finish this project and I promise not to post until I am finished. John is home to entertain Angell so I can play. See you soon..........


  1. This is SOOOOOOOOO beautiful, Pat!!!

  2. Hi Pat, thanks for your kind comment on my blog! I love your creative chaos here, the snow girls is irresistable and your little dog sooooooo cute!
    Have a wonderful creative Sunday,
    Here in Paris it is time to get ready for bed:)

  3. Pat, you do the most beautiful handiwork I have ever seen. Where did you learn to do all this? My grandmother used to do a lot of stitchery, but nothing like you do. Just lovely. I posted a crazy quilt on my blog today that I found in an antique store. It is made of vintage men's silk neckties. If you get time, check it out. katie jane

  4. Pat, Thank you for posting that you use Cartwright sequins. I went to their website and am now glad that I have a source for them. Our local craft stores seem to have discontinued them for some odd reason!

  5. Hi Pat,

    I've been having a tough time posting here and hope it will work this time! As always, your stitching is just beautiful and inspirational as well. Very cute wonder you can't resist her!

    It will be fun to see your completed pouch.

  6. I absolutely love what you did to the butterfly! Another good idea that never occurred to me.


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