Tuesday, March 25, 2008

It's a "doll" day around the world!

I was browsing a bit and had just viewed Sesga's new mermaid doll she had just received from a new blogging friend. I could feel her excitement and thought to myself, I know just how she feels, receiving something so special and hand made.

It wasn't a minute later when my hubby brought up a package for me. It was from my sweet friend Wendy from Singapore. Can you guess what it was? Yes!!!! One of her tatted decorated beautiful egg dolls. Her name is Princess Olivia! I was so surprised and touched that it brought tears to my eyes. I am just a softy when it comes to meaningful surprises from such dear friends. Wendy, you got me! This was for Easter and it arrived close enough. Thank you so much . I love her.
I saw her last week and fell in love with the design. Another tatting treasure from you. She is just perfect,her tiny glistening sequins and crown set her off perfectly.If you can't tell by my pictures, she is made from my favorite fabric, Silk Dupioni. Look at that tatting design would you!!!!I love her little beaded legs and her knees make me smile. I didn't have them straight for the photo....too excited I guess.Thank you is not enough. You really did surprise me with this beauty. This makes up for no chocolate for me this Easter.....I can handle it. :-)
Thank you Wendy,I can't stop smiling. I know what I'll be carrying around for a while~~~~~


  1. I love that little tatted doll. What an inventive use for tatting. I've never mastered the technique myself, but this doll certainly makes me want to work on that skill.

  2. What a cute little doll! Tatting is so pretty but seems so difficult to learn. I like the way she used beads on this project, too.

  3. Pat, she's a beauty...love the tatting.
    Something I always wanted to learn but doubt I will...looks tooo complicated.

  4. Awww.. Pat. You enjoy her.


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