Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter Wishes

I hope everyone has a beautiful Easter day!

I was browsing a bit this morning and visited Margo's blog to find beautiful felted items like Iris tulips and a cottage. Very beautiful and well done. I love felting and even more so when it takes the shape of flowers. Margo is the first person to introduce me to felting a few years ago. Now that my agenda is cleared,I plan on putting some miles on my felting machine.

I then stopped by Ralonda's new blog. Ralonda is such a sweet person as you may have seen her comfort dolls or read about the beads she sent me last month before she knew me.We have bonded and I am happy to find she is officially a "blogger" now. Welcome Ralonda, I can't wait to see some of your exquisite beading projects. You all are in for a treat!

If you haven't already seen the progress on the "Love Squared" project Monica is knee deep in, you must take a stroll over to her blog. I am so happy I joined in for this project. It is so wonderful that artists like Monica take the time and patience to not only dream up a project like this, but to put her heart into it full force. The whole experience is awesome.

With Springs arrival, even though here in Indiana we are having more snow, I trotted over to Melissa's blog to see she has finished her beautiful tea cozy for a friend. She made the garden tea scene so inviting. Now I cannot wait for my first tea in the garden.

My friend Terri took a class a few weeks ago on creating the old fashioned sugar eggs. My great aunt from Chicago would bring us a large decorated sugar egg with a beautiful scene inside which I mistook for doll houses. I would try to move the chicks and bunnies around......whoops!

Oh yes, my "Big" quilt show is almost here and I am ready! Vogue fabrics will be there, so watch out. I am sad to see my fav bead vendor, "Beyond Beadery" will be absent again. Oh well, Watervliete here I come...............

I had better get busy, so I hope you take a browse to see Spring popping up and have a blessed Easter.

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  1. Ah, yes, spring has arrived here - with all its allergies! =) Happy Easter to you!


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