Saturday, March 08, 2008

Fun day doing a little surprise lace shopping.

Today I awoke to sunshine and bitter cold.The weather man said it would be in the high 40's. It must be nice to get paid for being wrong most of the time :-).

I thought I would spend the day finishing my class preparations and catching up on blogs however my hubby had a surprise. First let me say this, my hubby does not tag,estate,yard,or garage sale,. It just isn't his thing, so you can imagine my surprise when he suggested we attend the huge indoor garage sale at the Expo center. I didn't know they even had one. So I dressed and off we went. I haven't been to a sale in so long and was dreaming of laces and such, not that I need them, but I wanted to rescue them, yes, that's right, rescue from the trash bin. (Ok, so that is not believable, but I am sticking to it). Anyway, the expo center is huge and was very crowded,(with several exits so I was fine) but it was pretty easy to see what each booth offered and I just made my way through the crowd with hubby close behind ,peering over shoulders and sneaking in for closer looks and then I saw it....the booth with pretty displays,and laces in bags. I ever so gently moved in for the kill. I started swooping up bags hardly taking a breath.

I was amazed the booth wasn't busy like the rest were. Oh well, people don't know treasure when they see it. I gathered quite am armful and was delighted that it was all vintage,some very delicate pieces. I found two packs of beads also,and a great brown and cream trim for my Birdsong CQ so this truly was an exciting moment. I even got a better deal for buying so many. I left the booth with a smile on my face and lace fulfillment in my heart.My hubby asked if I got my fix ,I shook my head and off we went.

You see, I believe lace,fabric,and bead gatherers are just plain addicted. There is no other reason why we have this desire to fill our world with these things. In most cases we do not NEED them, and we usually do not USE all of them, however we WANT them and seek them out. Much of my stash gets sent off to strangers and new friends who may need a smile or little surprise.

This is another addiction, the "high" you get when you share. So, until there is a cure or treatment for lace and bead addiction, don't mind me, I fully admit to my addiction and I'll be gathering......and sharing....see you at the tag sales!


  1. Hello Pat, Love all your laces and beads find. Just gorgeous. Lucky you. Hugs Judy

  2. hi pat
    beautiful laces!! you made a wonderful haul ;)
    congrats on loosing the 10lbs-you go girl!

  3. love the stash.. it's nearly as fun looking as having it in person :-)

  4. Hi Pat! I am new to your blog and can so identify with your lace addiction. I, too, have been a 'rescuer' most of my life and I cherish each lovely piece. They leave me breathless. Thank you for sharing all your joys with us.
    The Polka Dot Rose


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