Tuesday, February 19, 2008

WW pouch update from this morning........

As I was working on the pouch flap I had an idea. To make this even more personal,and to help encourage me to reach my goal I thought I would add some special embellishments that friends have sent me. By adding items that would be small signs for me to keep me on track on days I don't lose enough or anything, such as the two Swarovski crystal hearts to represent my hubby and son, the spider to wish myself luck,the gorgeous green beads from Rolanda,
tatted dragonflies from my friend Wendy Shu,
beautiful purple sequins from my friend Terri Takacs, the gorgeous button which looks green but is clear is from my friend Lin Moon,

the purple dyed silk ribbon ruffle around the painted button in the upper corner was received today from a little girl named Kate Proctor (thank you Kate) more on that later.....

These items were hand picked for me by these wonderful friends who have always encouraged my by their sweet comments and notes. What better inspiration than having gifts from friends added to my pouch so I can look down and feel the good wishes and strength which comes from each item.

I can't wait to see what else is going to make it onto this pouch....until then, have a great evening!


  1. How ever do you make your fingers fly so fast, Pat? You remind me of my grandmother, whose fingers sewed faster than anyone I've ever seen until now. All those tiny, intricate stitches that you did in ONE day!

  2. I love your WW pouch! This is such a great idea. I look forward to seeing more work on it.

  3. Your pouch is so so pretty:) Love your book too:) So full of love.

  4. Hello Pat, from another Pat. :-)
    Your work is so pretty! I wish I could sew .... all I can do is sew on a button or do a hem.
    I'm so curious -- what is the Hawaiian bread you mentioned in the previous post?

  5. Oh, I love those colors so much. To me they are so peaceful.

    I wish I could be good at CQ. Maybe one of these days, we never know.

    In the meantime, will keep admiring your beautiful work.

    Pierrette =^..^=

  6. Oh this is so beautiful! I am so honored to be represented by a sparkle or two:)

  7. Fabulous Pat, I love the way you have brought in all your special trinkets from your special friends and making them into your special project.
    Tons of hugs

  8. Pat - I have tagged you with the "You Make My Day Award". I am sure you get this award quite often and I certainly don't expect it to keep going in circles, but it is an opportunity for me to let you know how much I enjoy your blog and your work. You truly inspire me! Thank you!


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