Saturday, February 23, 2008

WW pouch and life update

I have had a busy couple of days, but I did work in some stitching time. I pieced the "body" of the WW pouch and started embellishing. I used one of the beautiful "Lois" threads from Susan,and a hand painted trim from Lynn Schoeffler who treats me to her lovely creations from time to time.As you can see, there is much left to do.

Wed was a crazy day for my friend Rose and she needed to get away and think so she came over for a slumber party. It was quite fun and we talked endlessly and watched project runway. I tried to quiz her and fumbled through the technical terms, then we drank a bit of wine,which put us to sleep,LOL. Yesterday I rode along with her and stitched as she took her test on vein-stuff???? She is in school to become an EKG technician. She passed with flying colors and we celebrated with a Starbuck's Latte....yes, I had the lite and wrote down the points,and it really wasn't too bad.

This morning my hubby and I didn't want to get up and I lingered all snug and warm under the covers until 7:00 then went down to make ham crepes. We had another rental to paint for his mom because the tenant passed away. Unfortunately the son of the tenant took some things and left us with the large items to get rid of and.....a cat. The poor thing had been in there for two weeks ,the cat that is.

When we arrived and began prepping the walls, I couldn't focus until the cat was taken care of so I ran to buy a can of cat food then phoned the animal shelter. They arrived a few hours later and the poor thing was on it's way to the shelter. It was very sad, but it is an indoor cat and my hubby is allergic to cats so it wasn't even an option to keep it. That bummed me out and as I began painting ,thoughts of such sadness in the world ran through my mind and I soon found myself really appreciating my life,my hubby,my family and friends,and yes, my Chihuahua Angell. Before I knew it I had two bedrooms painted and trimmed out.

Tomorrow the guys who pick up donations for a program that furnish apartments for low income women and children of divorce. There are two couches,a computer,and a pretty china cabinet which will hopefully help out someone or a few people. Then we will finish painting and I will return to my emails and stitching. I have a lot to catch up on,but I am happy to do that.

Now I am going to jump on the bike for 10 miles then start a bubble bath while I make a cup of herbal tea and try to imagine buds forming on the forsythia bush...............................

I am sure this post has bored most of you. I wanted to share my WW pouch progress although it doesn't look like much, it was all stolen stitches in between life's happenings.
Have a great tomorrow!!!!!


  1. Anonymous7:47 PM CST

    Pat, your WW pouch is so nice. What kind od ribbon do you use fir flowers? That doesn"t look like silk ribbon to me. Thanks, Debbie(Maine)

  2. Hello Pat,
    Your Blogging is NEVER boring;-}
    I'm enjoying your music as well.
    Feels good to help a friend doesn't it!
    Sounds like you had a hectic week but your WW bag is looking lovely... Is that a good word for something so Beautiful??
    I find hand sewing is so therapuetic.
    Hope the coming week will be filled with lots of time for yourself.

  3. I love the block. Those sequins are so tiny! The trims are just perfect for the block. I have more threads coming in this week's mail (I hope - if Canadian and US mail cooperated!) so thanks for the mention.


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