Friday, February 15, 2008

The winner is...................................

I am sorry I didn't get my drawing posted sooner, life happened.I first wanted to say how I enjoyed "meeting" new bloggers and loved this experience. I will be entering more or perhaps hosting one myself.

Now, down to business. I almost had my hubby draw again because I thought everyone would think this was planned, but honestly, it wasn't .

I printed the names on pink paper (for Valentine's Day of course) and cut them with my handy dandy new lighted cutter a friend gave me for Christmas, then placed them in my old chipped china bowl from grandma....then I mixed them not once but twice and my hubby mixed them and pulled out a name....
it was.........
Lisa S. Oceandreamer. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I looked at him with wide eyes as I told him she was the hostess for the drawings. When I asked if I should draw again, he said ,"NO! She won,she deserves your "whatever" you are giving".

Forgive him, he is a man. He doesn't understand what our hand made treasures mean to us and how we love to give and exchange them to make our hearts flutter a bit.

SO, Miss Oceandreamer, you have a little mermaid swimming your way as
soon as I get your mailing address.

Thank you for hosting,thank everyone for stopping by and for leaving wonderful comments, and entering my drawing. I have met so many nice people and found so many new beautiful blogs to visit.I do hope you return for a visit soon. Have a wonderful day!

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  1. ME? I won this most wonderful Mermaid??? I love mermaids, I loved this when I first saw it! YAY for me!!! THANK YOU and so glad your husband answered that way!!
    I will return your email momentarily!
    Thank you again for joining in this joyous event!!!
    Lisa Oceandreamer


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