Saturday, February 16, 2008

Thoughts of forever

Today the sun was shining so brightly and I wanted to walk through the garden so badly however the temperature was in the low 20's and there is no color in the garden except for the dark green of the trusty old American Arborvitae standing tall protecting our home from the North winds.

The beautiful bouquet my mother sent last week has withered no matter how many times I refreshed it and took out the wilted flowers...there is nothing left but the pretty dragonfly pick and the baby's breath which I shall dry and place in an arrangement.

What is a gardener to do when it is the dead of Winter and there are no flowers to be seen?

I long for the delicate buds about to burst open,the bees passing by my ear with their quiet hum,birds singing and bathing under trickling water,and dragonflies darting here and there always in such a hurry.

There is nothing else to do except enjoy flowers made of ribbons and beads I suppose. Take a moment, sit back and enjoy my ribbon garden as you listen to Josh and his relaxing music for a moment of Bliss.............................


  1. Thanks for the lovely photos of your work and the nice music on a grey, cold and rainy sundaymorning...
    Have a nice sunday, you too.

  2. I read this the day you posted it and it encouraged me to look for signs of spring in my own yard this past week. Reading this ~ I could smell the warm earth and hear the sweet sounds of the birds and bugs. I think I even got a mosquito bite but it was worth it ~ hehe :)

  3. Ohhhhhhhhhh i love it !!!!!!


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