Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The sweetest Valentine to share from little Kate

A dear friend,Catherine Claire Proctor is teaching her daughter,Kate to stitch so I gathered some goodies and sent off to them. This sweet package came for Valentine's Day from Kate and it was too special not to share.

Kate sent me her first stitched tracing and as you can see, she is pretty good I would say. Much better than my first attempt. A little bird must have told Kate how I love purple because everything in the package was purple including the bubble mailer,which is so pretty and I can't bring myself to toss it,so I won't.

A new purple pencil with an eraser and with one of those comfort grippers which I love. The card is beautiful isn't it? However I think I prefer the heart card Kate made with a purple fabric gift inside.

Thank you Kate, aka CQ girl, you made my Valentine's Day a happy one. Hugs and smiles.


  1. What a sweet little surprise.

  2. so sweet from her!! you must keep this!

  3. She is inspired for life ! Imagine the wonderful stitching in this sweet little girls future!


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