Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I was delighted to find all of my pre-order books in my etsy shop were sold. I ordered them yesterday morning,so if you bought one, it is in the works, and thank you. If anyone else wants one, at the $5.00 shipping savings, please let me know. I will collect names and order when I get 10. They will ship to me and I will sign them and ship to you at media rate.I would be happy to ship outside the US as well and you can pay with paypal.

I finally received my copy and was pleased with their printing and although the color was a bit darker in the smaller photos, all in all I was pleased. I did find some typos....and they didn't add my name to the front copyright page or my fancy frames around each photo, but hey, it isn't a big deal and I can live with it.Don't sweat the small stuff right?

Yesterday I spent a pleasant day working on Rolanda's case. I hope to finish embellishing after I get back from weight watcher's and exercise. I joined last Wed!!!!!! I know I have already lost something and can't wait to get weighed in this morning. Yes, I actually can't wait to weigh in...did I say that? As most of us have found over the age of 45, I have a few pounds that need to vanish but are really attached to me (:-}

Last week when the leader at WW passed around 5 pounds of fat I almost fainted. I had no idea it was that much fat. 5 pounds comes and goes on me each month, well,, 4pounds...and it was gross to see 5 pounds in my hand knowing I had more hiding anywhere it can. So after seeing that and listening to the leader, something clicked in my brain and has kept in on track all week.

I truly thought I could eat whatever I wanted because I am not a big eater, as long as I exercised. Well, you can eat all you want...of the right things, and I don't mean a salad and broiled fish menu. I love the flex plan and I learned to make my meals separate from hubby's. We can both have chicken, just prepared differently. He gets the corn and rolls and I get carrots and broccoli,but we both get a spoon of cranberry sauce!It Since I already have an exercise program in place which fits my lifestyle, I am determined to shed the pounds and when we open the pool, Pat will be in a new bathing suit.

More reasons to get off the extra pounds is to feel like myself again. I want to ride my bike again without getting a numb behind,I want to grab anything in my closet and know it fits, and I want to be more flexible for gardening season without a back injury. If you garden, you know the backward stretch to grab a plant which is way too heavy,or the kneeling down and reaching too far

I have been planning new flower beds for the entrance to the garden so it is inviting. Now there are only Spring bulbs which last a week or two and color. I want Delphinium,Foxglove,Campanula,and more tall color for that area. I want a row of pansies in the front. I still must decide on a medium height flower for the center. Any suggestions?

I am off to shower and head out.Wish me luck on my weigh in... Everyone have a great day!!!!


  1. Good luck with your weight loss program. You are right, it is the time of year to shed these winter pounds! I have a nice layer that has to go, too. ;-)

    Pat, my PayPal is messed up so I couldn't use I ordered your book directly from the publisher. I am so excited to see it!

  2. Good luck on your weight loss Pat, I am striving to lose some weight too before my daughter's wedding in August.

  3. Hi Pat, good luck with the WW program. I have been there several times since 1974, and have lost wight every time, so it works!
    But now I have given up, anyhow there is nothing WW like, where I live now. I carry my extra pounds... ;)

  4. Thank you all! I am thinking positive and know I can do this.


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