Monday, February 04, 2008

Pretty things from sweet ladies

As those who know me are aware of, I prefer to shop Etsy and handmade when possible. I think it is fun to shop from someone who takes the time to hand make an item and who puts thought into a kit they want to make available to a fellow stitcher. How many store bought items can you say that about?

In the past I have bought kits for crazy prices only to find it misrepresented in so many ways. Buying from Etsy, even from those I am unfamiliar, gives me peace of mind and I am always satisfied with quality and quantity along with excellent construction. This is wy I am sharing a few recent experiences with you so you can also enjoy quality purchases.
Most sellers slip in a gift and it really lets you know they aren't about selling, but satisfying. I will continue to order from people like myself,who are thinking of the person receiving a purchase, not how fast they can run to the bank. Ok, off my pedestal and on to sharing pretty things.....................

When I learned my friend Candi opened an Etsy shop I went to browse and found some of my favorite things...appliqué's for me to dye and silk Dupioni. She included some beautiful ciggies as a gift(thank you) I would recommend her shop simply because it is quality and she packs a pretty parcel. I will return Candi!

The pretty fun scrap caddy was also found on etsy from Nstitches4U.
When I opened to see the beautiful cheerful colors which I had hoped they would be ,it just tingled my toes. The workmanship is superb. I would most definitely give her a "10".

This beautiful stocking and beaded doll kit was not a purchase, but a gift from my friend Sherry Wade. Sherry sells the beaded doll kits and they include the pre made doll (assorted colors)fibers,beads,and even the needle.

I haven't bought this yet, but it is haunting me. Maggie has offers these doll forms in her shop. I think it is adorable and could see some ribbon work and beading on her can't you? The faces Maggie creates are top notch, I know because I have one waiting to be added to a doll one day soon.

So, there you have it, a few things to check out and know you will receive what you pay for and more.

I also wanted to share some exciting news I just friend Pam Kellogg has created an eBook on her stitches. Let me tell you, this lady is not intimidated by threads, beads, or sequins. She rules when it comes to stitch variations....I have all the books and I can tell you, hers are incredible. I can speak from experience. All of the crazy quilted cats she has created for the Comfort Doll Project and each one different and encrusted with stitching. This book is a must for all those who hold a needle. Pam, I will be in line for this when available.

Ok, one more place I urge you to check out before you buy your next market bag. Terri has added more of her pretty bags to help you carry your needful items.....home from shopping....into the house.....when you hubby is home........without him even knowing what just slipped past him! Way to go Terri!

Have a wonderful day!!!!

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  1. hi pat
    how nice to click on your blog and see all the beautiful things going on!! i just made my first CQ square-LOL boy i sure have a long way to go before i get anything pretty created:)
    so i will wander around your site for inspiration
    thanks for sharing pat
    have a great day


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