Friday, February 15, 2008

New threads & ...parting is such sweet sorrow......

I wanted to share the beautiful hand dyed threads from Susan of Desert Sky Quilting. Susan is working on a crazy quilt where she is incorporating various women who have been a big part of other's women's lives. Grandmothers, Mothers, Aunts, and other strong women. Last year Susan requested a picture of my mother and one day it will become a part of her heart warming CQ. Susan now offers beautiful hand dyed threads which she has named after these women. Her first threads were named "Lois" after my mom.

The colors are teals and mauves,her favorite colors. Susan offers them in her etsy shop and I received my order a few days ago. They are soft, with a pretty sheen and the colors are delicate and beautiful. Thank you Susan for all you do in preserving the memory of the strong women in our lives.

The little mermaid pin won by our hostess,Lisa Oceandreamer is packed (in her cleaned Sucrets case)and getting ready to begin her journey to her new home. She is excited and so am I. I will however miss her sweet face. I am envious of her as well because she is on her way to sunny California. She is happy to be out of the 20 degree temps here in Indiana. Farewell little mermaid........farewell!


  1. Oh, Pat, I'm so glad you like them. I have done some stitching with several of them, and am so pleased with the way they work. Thanks for mentioning my etsy.

    I know you will miss that mermaid. Did you think about *taking* her to California? =)

  2. I will miss that mermaid too, I was hoping she would come to Northern California to my house!

  3. Pat I am SO glad Lisa won such a lovely treasure. Her giveaway was such a joy and I was praying she would be blessed in some way! My prayers were answered!


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